Bomb Cyclone 2022

Deadly Bomb Cyclone 2022 In USA Left Christmas In Blackout

The deadly storm called Bomb Cyclone 2022 unleashed it’s full power on United States and Canada has knocked out power to thousands of homes resulting the Blackout on Christmas eve.

What Is Bomb Cyclone 2022 And How It Forms ?

A monster storm crashed over USA last 24th December with heavy snow fall and rain with high intensified wind left major impact in several cities in New York and Canada. Meteorologist called it “bomb Cyclone” and it is not very rare but the intensity of this storm was havoc which cause heavy rain fall with snow and high speed wind.

Storms forms when a high pressure air mass collide with a low pressure air mass. Wind passes from High pressure to low pressure air, creates storm. Bomb Cyclone defines how rapidly pressure falls in the low pressure mass.

For creating a Bomb Cyclone air pressure should be dropped in the pace of 24 millibars in 24 hours. The more quickly increase the differences of pressure between high and low pressure air mass, produce the more stronger winds.

The process of increase intensification of storm called “Bombogenesis”. Rotation of earth creates a cyclonic effect when wind started blowing. When viewed from above rotation is anti clock wise in Northern Hemisphere according to meteorologist.

John Moore, a Meteorologist said to New York Times, “Condition for a Bomb Cyclone had been met over the Great Lakes, where frigid Arctic air from the meandering polar vertex met very warm air to the east.

As the area where the two air masses meet, called the Arctic front, moved northward and east ward, conditions for Bobogenesis should continue moving as well. “

Bomb Cyclone 2022 Effect in US

Christmas Eve witnessed a loss of electricity of around 400,000 homes and businesses across the US when a monster storm attacks due to Arctic Blast. The horrible snow storm called as Bomb Cyclone by the weather experts that cause due to Arctic Blast in major temperature fluctuations.

The temperature was soon drop at -50 degree F in various part of the US. Most of the parts where temperature was -7* F on 23rd December with in 24 hours it became lower than 34* dropped.

The extreme weather with chilling harsh wind kept all 48 states in US under threatening freezing condition in this weekend. Stranded travelers trapped in to airport with cancelled thousand of flights.

people trapped in home helplessly without power in chilling condition in running storm. Hundreds of cars and heavy vehicles crushing on the roads when storm gripped furiously in the region.

Officially confirmed 29 death in extreme weather condition. Western New York where the storm at it’s full pace with chill wind, hurricane like force with snow storm have plunged Buffalo and surrounding towns into great crisis.

After 2 days other parts of the country started to revive from the effect of the giant storm, then also Buffalo and some areas still was out of reach and under the huge disaster where emergency officials unable to reach.

The National Weather service warned that the blizzard condition in the Great Lake region would continue and also 2-3 ft more would be added on Christmas Day. The travelers night mare continue till the date because of cancellation of thousands of flights during last two days.

One of the fiercest in decades the Bomb Cyclone forced to cancel 1500 flights on Sunday itself and 3500 on Saturday with 6000 on Friday had canceled flights according to tracking website Transportation secretory tweeted Saturday that the most extreme disruption are behind us as airline and airport operations gradually recover.

But travelers remained stranded in airports till the date because of delayed normalization in many airports like Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, New York and many more. According to AP news New York Gov.

Kathy Hochul that the Buffalo Niagara International Airport will be closed to Monday morning and almost every fire truck stranded in the snow. She added, ” No matter how many emergency vehicle we have, they cannot get through the conditions as we speak.”

According to Met department, Eventually the arctic warm air covers the majority of the US and pressure difference will be smaller, the storm will loose strength. Next week above average temperature will be continue, prediction from Met department.

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