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Historical Varanasi

Brahman priest in Ghat

Heritage is the history behind the culture, it’s origin and it’s present placement which describe the tradition of that particular culture. A long tradition became an iconic culture of that places or social identification. That is Heritage of our country India. It has a vast heritage and history that is described in this category. The Heritage of social, cultural and historical which are very diversified and unique.

Victoria Memorial 17

Centenary Year Of Victoria Memorial

Centenary Year Of Victoria Memorial celebrate the day on 20th November 2021. The building is an Iconic Monument of Kolkata inaugurated publicly on 1921, Laid foundation by Prince of wales, Who became king George v later.

Raja Subodh Mallick Palace 14

Raja Subodh Mallick Palace — The Ruined Memory

Situated on the road named Raja Subodh Mallick Square, in Kolkata. Raja Subodh Mallick Palace Is a Renowned historical place where Famous people like Rabindra Nath Tagore, Rishi Aurobindo Ghosh and other freedom Fighters visited several times.

Rural Games 8

Rural Games — Motivated by Nature

Rural Games are very popular among the villagers. These games are formed naturally by their work culture and nature of entertainment. They don’t have have enough sources of proper games to play. Since very earlier time villagers used to modified their daily work to do in a form of game.