The land mark of Rajputana Legacy Chittorgarh Fort is consider to be the largest fort in Asia.

Chittorgarh Palace, the wonderful historical structure was built before the time of Mahabharata.

Chittorgarh was once famous for 84 water body in the fort but now only some of those around 22 are found there.

The symbol of triumph of Rajput are called Vijay Stambha

Jauhar Kund famous for  performed Jauhar by Padmini the Queen of Chittor.

After lost the battle Rana Ratan Sing was killed and Rani Padmini comitted suicide in Jauhar.

Hand Print of women who lost their life with Rani Padmini.


The history of Rani Padmini is roaming around the fort even today.

People says Rani Padmini still visible in the fort and her  palace walking and roaming around.

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