The charm of Lakshadweep lies on it’s remoteness and sun kissed beaches.

The island situated on the coral reefs of Lakshadweep and inhabited around 8000 people

Agatti Island


Most Fabulous Island in Lakshadweep

The island is famous for it’s luxury beach resort, white sand and turquoise water which grows immense popularity among young couples

Kadmat Island

The island is also famous for nurturing and feeding of Marine Turtles

Kalpeni offers it’s own charm of pleasant atmosphere and spectacular marine life beneath clear water which is heaven for snorkeling and scuba diving.


Bangaram Island

Bangaram beach is one of few glowing beach in India due to bioluminescent phytoplankton make the blue sea starlit in night.


The unique white coral sand beaches with spectacular greenery at it’s best surrounded by beautiful lagoons


Amindivi is one of large inhabited island where tourist get traditional local culture


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