The destroyed part of the Forgotten History of Kalikapur Rajbari, are carried the evidence of 400yrs older history

All 7 buildings and three temples , one of which is Durga Dalan and a Nut Mandir located inside the main palace.

Kalikapur Rajbari Estate of Paramananda was spread up to the coal belt in Ranigunj.

Eldest son Kailashpati took over the baton from his father and during his tenure the Roy family was flourished

These are also marvelous work of art with outstanding architecture.

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The 400 yrs ago also, the Terracotta bricks was used to strengthen the walls of Kalikapur Rajbari.

Main structures are still sound even after a several decades.

Rajbari almost collapsed when the state was hit by the cyclone “Aila” in 2009

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