About Us

Travel India plus is a life style blog which serve the information about us with our travel and exploring the new places, people and their culture, heritage, festivals and their natural life style. Traveling is not only exploring the new world, also rediscover the people and their culture, heritage, festivals everything. It is also renew your knowledge of facts that has practically experienced rather than follow. Our Experience of exploring India is about new people, places and their culture including food habits and geopolitical significance was extraordinary vast and colorful. India is a vast multi cultural country. Each state has it’s own system of their people, heritage, culture and also has unique festivals. So many different people also different food culture. India is famous for its unity in diversity. Indian tourism also famous in the world for its magnificent natural beauty. We can find beautiful hill stations like Simla, Kulu,Manali, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Pelling, Gangtok and many more along with fascinating sea side like Goa, Puri, Digha, Vizag and other sea side in South India.

Our tour based on almost every corner in India since last 10yrs and my site travelindiaplus.com is all about the fact that we explored through our journey. Travelling is our hobby and also profession of my husband. He is a photographer and we rediscover India through his camera. It is all about sharing our gems, which we gather through the years of hard work.

Our motto to make our site as a useful informatic site where people get information about Indian ancient culture and heritage that is almost forgotten to new generation people of todays. Our culture and tradition is getting totally changed and we are approaching to a new modern era where people are going far away from their old and rooted traditions, cause our ancient gems are neglected to be ruined and forgotten slowly in the darkness of past.

Jaita Dey
Ashok Nath Dey