Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka In Winter For Couples

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Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

Amid in rich culture and well preserved local tradition, also paradise of beautiful places to visit in Sri Lanka. Among rapid urbanization ancient traditional places like Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya are UNESCO heritage site that showcase spectacular archeological ruins, stupas, ancient temples and palaces.

Coast line of Sri Lanka stretched around 832 miles long and surrounded with Palm fringe beaches, turquoise blue water and vibrant coral reefs. A biodiversity rock land Sri Lanka has a wide rage of variety of flora and faunas in plenty of national parks and wild life sanctuaries.

From October 26, 2023 Sri Lanka announced VISA free entry for Indians till 21 March 2024. The Island is known for it’s marine life and visitors can enjoy whale watching in Mirissa with diving and snorkeling in Coral Reef. Sri Lanka is also known for the famous Ceylon tea and tea plantation globally.

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Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

Plenty of Natural scenic places like beaches, breath taking sunset between the mountain, sprawling tea gardens and mouth watering Lankan’s cuisines with mind blowing adventure sports attracts young tourists as well as couples also. The scenic beauty and gorgeous beaches are all the couples love to enjoy with their love ones.

1. Ella is Stunning Among Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

Hanging with tea plantation in the high land of Sri Lanka surely wins the heart of millions with it’s serene cool atmosphere among greenery at it’s best. At the height of 1041 meters Ella boast old caves, secluded temples and famous Ella gap, a cleft between two hills for the breath taking views.

Places To Visit In Sri Lanka
9 arched Rail way

The iconic famous 9 arches railway bridge of colonial structures in Sri Lanka. The time of train arrive a trek down the rail way track to the bridge is popular trek among young tourists. Hiking to the breathtaking Ella rock and little Adam’s Peak through bamboo forest is the mind blowing enjoyment

Other famous places are tea plantation, the 2nd highest waterfall in Sri Lanka Diyaluma falls, Ella spice garden and famous Lipton’s seat. Ella also known as ‘Little England’ of Sri Lanka. Another famous popular attraction is Ellawala falls and historical place is Ravana caves, where king Ravana hid Mata Sita is now Ziplining at 82 meter height.

Things To Do In Ella

Visit 9 arches bridge, Explore Ravana Caves and falls, Climb litle Adam’s Peak,Ride Ella to Kandy train, Flying Ravana zipline. Swimming in Diyaluma falls. Join Ella spice garden cooking class.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Ella is December to May.

2. Mirissa is Glorious Among Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

Nestled around the Southern coast Mirissa is most popular among best places to visit in Sri Lanka. It is the most popular whale watching and surfing destination in Sri Lanka. Mirissa located 150 km from Kolombo, the Capital city of Sri Lanka.

Places To Visit In Sri Lanka
Mirissa Beach

The shore of Mirissa wonderfully dotted with Palm trees and colorful boats around the blue Turquoise water. The stretched golden sand beach perfect for sunbathing, leisure and calm down relaxing with mesmerizing sun set in back drop. Mirissa offers spectacular lively night life by the beach.

Couples can enjoy happy hours on the beach at day and candle-lit sea food dinner after sun set. The picturesque scene of playing turtle and other aquatic life in the clear sea water is mesmerizing among best places to visit in Sri Lanka. Travelers also can hire a scooter to explore sightseeing and exploring the famous stilt fishing in shallow water in Mirissa.

Places To Visit In Mirissa

Weligama, Dalawella, Unawatuna, Parrot Rock, Iconic Coconut Island, Elephant Transit Home.

Things To do

Whale watching, Snorkeling, Surfing and Body boarding and exploring the wonder of beauty in Mirissa.

Best Time To Visit

December to March is the best time to visit in Morissa and the places to visit in Sri Lanka.

3. Galle Is Most Famous Among Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

Galle is the most important and popular among best places to visit in Sri Lanka. Located in the South-West coast of Sri Lanka, Galle is most unique with Dutch colonial structures, ancient Churches, Mosque along with beaches, museums and sea side promenade attracts tourists globally.

Places To Visit In Sri Lanka
Galle Light House

The city was founded by Portuguese colonist in 16th century. The Stone Wall encircled by the car free street, is a evidence of Portuguese and British architectural masterpiece. Galle has a unique combination of old history and modern world of the place with mix of spectacular natural beauty.

The famous Galle Fort and Light house with blue ocean back drop forms perfect iconic Victorian relics of Galle. The prominent land mark of the city includes natural harbour, Historical museum, Flag Rock, Meeran mosque and Galle International Stadium.

Galle is also famous for it’s pristine beaches like Ahungalla Beach and Unawatuna Beach. These calm and peaceful beaches are all you need for an adventurous romantic unforgettable memories.

Places To Visit In Galle

Beaches, Dutch colonial structures, Galle Fort, Light house. Museum, Galle International Stadium.

Things To do

Exploring Galle Fort, Light House, Water sport.

Best Time To Visit

October to March is the best time to visit Galle.

4. Sigiriya Is Mystical Among Best Places To Visit in Sri Lanka

Sigiriya also known as ‘Lion Rock’ is a colossal rock formation and wonderful site among best places to visit in Sri Lanka. This ancient rock formation is located in the central Matale district of Sri Lanka and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is one of the most popular destination in Sri Lanka.

Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

An interesting history of Sigiriya is found at the time of 5th century AD. King Kashyapa was decided to form his capital here and constructed a palace on the top of the rock. The rock fortress was secluded after the death of the king and transformed the palace in to a Buddhist monastery.

The gateway resemblance of a lion which derives it’s name as ‘lion Rock’. Architecture of this palace is an evidence of Sri Lankan architectural masterpiece and ancient civilization. Sigiriya Museum at the foot of the rock also a monument of ancient artifacts and history.

Places To Visit In Sigiriya

Ancient Palace ruins, Sigiriya Museum, view point from top, Lion Gate, Dambulla Royal Cave Temple, Minneriya National Park, Royal Gardens of Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura.

Things To Do

Explore the spice garden, elephant ride, rock climbing, Watching migrated elephants for water in Minneriya National Park.

Best Time To Visit

January to April is the best time to visit Sigiriya.

5. Nuwara Eliya is Epitome of Beauty Among The Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

Nuwara Eliya is hill station with epitome of natural beauty among best places to visit in Sri Lanka. With the plethora of attractions from tea plantations, water falls, gardens, lakes and beautiful hills Nuwara Eliya is most beautiful hill station in Sri Lanka.

Apart from natural beauty it is also decorated with colonial structures dotted around the hilly areas and over looked by the tallest mountain Pidurutalagala. The coldest temperature assure the coldest part of the Sri Lanka. Victoria Park is famous for bird watching and variety of flora and faunas.

The most notable and popular Gregory lake is one of the main attraction of the area and boat ride, jet ski, pony ride is most attractive activities for couples also. the plenty of water falls decorated the land scape of the place like lover’s leap falls, Bomburu Ella falls, St. Clair’s falls, Devon falls.

Places To Visit In Nuwara Eliya

Victoria Park, Lover’s leap falls, Bomburu Ella falls, St, Clair’s falls, Gregory Lake. Hakgala Botanical Garden, Horton Plains national Park, Seetha Amman Temple.

Best Time To Visit

February to April is the best time to visit Nuwara Eliya.

6. Bundala National Park Is Renowned Among The Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

Bundala National Park is UNESCO heritage word famous site among the best places to visit in Sri Lanka. Located 12 km away from Hambantota and famous for migratory birds in winter season. Around 197 species of birds including greater Flamingo in a large flocks during winter visit here every year.

Bundala National Park spreads around 6280 hectares areas and recognized as wild life sanctuary and biosphere reserve since 1969.

It is one of the exciting place for young and couples to enjoy Jeep Safari, Hiking and other adventurous activities. The land scape of the park is divided in to 5 brackish Lagoons and three most prominent birds lagoons are Bundala, Ambilikala and Malala lagoons.

Bundala beaches are breeding ground of three endangered sea turtle. Other animals like Elephants, Porcupines, monitor Lizards, Golden Jackals, Macaque Monkey and also Crocodiles are inhabited in Bundala National Park.

Things To Do

Explore the Park, Watch birds, other animals with Jeep Safari.

Best Time To visit

November to March is the best time to visit Bundala National Park.

7. Dikwella Is Spectacular Along The Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

Dikwella is new major attraction among best places to visit in Sri Lanka. The long stretched sandy beach which is perfectly secured by shoals, headlands and reefs for a glamorous swimming point. Dikwella is famous beach destination in Matara and only 14 miles away from the city.

The gaining popularity of Dikwella has considered as major growing tourist hub in Matara. The cool serene beach with crystal clear water insist for swimming and relaxing. One of the popular site of giant Lord Buddha, 50 meter of height, force to respect him with head down to the statue.

Things to do

Wewrukannala Buduraja Maha Viharaya to explore 50 meters tall Buddha Statue, Explore Hummanaya Blow hole, Sunday markets for shopping.

Best Time To Visit

January to April is peak season. Tourist can visit here any time of the year except July To October to avoid rain and storm.

8. Weligama is Paradise Among The Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

Weligama is a quaint old fishing town is the beach lover’s paradise among the best places to visit in Sri Lanka. The Weligama translate in to ‘Sandy Village’ located in Matara district is a small town with population of 75000 people and most of them are fisher man.

The cool wonderful beach is most popular for surfing, because of smooth turbulent waves ideal for beginners. The beach is totally clear from rock and coral reefs which could be burdens for beginner surfer. Stilt fishing of Sri Lanka is famous and unique which is found just few km away from the shore in shallow end.

The beach of Weligama offers a perfect resort vacation with stores, shopping, with salt driven breeze and warm water make Weligama just mesmerizing experience. Two more attraction from Weligama is Taprobane Island and Midigama beach also can be explored.

Places To Visit In Weligama

Weligama Bay, Handunugoda Tea Estate, Taprobane Island, Midigama Beach.

Things To Do

Surfing, Diving, Swimming and just relaxing on the beach.

Best Time To Visit

November to March is the best time to visit Weligama.

9. Minneriya National Park Is Popular Among Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

Minneriya National Park is most famous and popular among best places to visit in Sri Lanka. It is just 30 minutes to reach from Sigiriya and must visit place for watching migratory Elephant in large group from dry place to cold place in search of foods, water and shelter.

The dry season is the best time to visit the Park to watch Elephant Herds. Other than elephant other animals also found like mammals, birds, reptile and different kind of plants can be spot here. Minneriya National Park placed under the dry areas for less rain fall during the year.

The main attraction of the park is the gathering of Elephant for migrating warmer place to cold places for water near Minneriya Tank. Tourists can book a safari for watching the grand ceremony of this animals. Pre book your stay at Sigiriya to reach the park easily and jeeps, guides are available for roaming around the Park for watching the Elephants from distance.

Places To Visit In Minneriya National Park

Sigiriya, Candy, Anuradhapura, Colombo.

Things To Do

Jeep Safari, Explore around the Park, Visit Sigiriya and other sight seeing.

Best Time To Visit

December to April is the best time to visit Minneriya National Park.

10. Colombo Is Most exciting Among Best Places To Visit In Sri Lanka

Colombo is the capital city and most exciting among best places to visit in Sri Lanka. Colombo is cosmopolitan island with influence of Portuguese, Dutch and British colonial heritage and famous for splendid landscapes with architectural master pieces.

Young tourist enjoy it’s modern cosmopolitan high class city life and night life with the spectacular places like Lotus Tower, The tallest free standing structure of South Asia, Casinos like Bellagio and Ballys, with classic urban life style. City tourism offers open head buses for sightseeing around city.

Couples can indulge with the vibrant beach of Mount Lavinia to enjoy sunset and also take part of scuba diving in Chief Dragon and The Sierra. Colombo offers the seamless blend of urban high life, adventure, luxury with cultural and historical harmony.

Places To Visit In Colombo

Lotus Tower, Casinos, Lavinia Beach, Galle Face Green Promenade, Galle Fort, Pettah Market, Colombo Fort, Colombo Dehiwala Zoo.

Things To Do

Scuba diving in Chief Dragon and Sierra, Shopping, Play in Casinos, Indulge with mouth watering foods.

Best Time To Visit

December to March is the best time to visit Sri Lanka.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Ques 1. Do you need a VISA to travel to Sri Lanka ?

Ans 1. Yes. Travelers need a VISA to enter Sri Lanka. But from October 26, 2023 Sri Lanka announced VISA free entry for Indians till March 21, 2024.

Ques 2. Is Indian currency accepted in Sri Lanka ?

Ans 2. No. Only Sri Lankan currency accepted in Sri Lanka. As it is a closed Currency foreigners will get it after enter the country and be sure exchange all Sri Lankan currency before leaving the country.

Ques 3. Is Sri Lanka Expensive to visit ?

Ans 3. No, not at all. You will find it more cheaper than any other foreign travel.

Ques 4. Which city has best night life in Sri Lanka ?

Ans 4. Colombo. That has incredible night life among best places to visit in Sri Lanka. traveling also allowed in most of major places in Colombo. Through a modern high party accommodations are also available till late night.

Ques 5. Which is the best time to visit Sri Lanka ?

Ans 5. December to March are the best time of places to visit in Sri Lanka with a friendly atmosphere.

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