Adventure Tourism In Sikkim Not Only Stunning But Simply Beyond Imagination

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Adventure Tourism In Sikkim

Adventure Tourism in Sikkim offers best opportunity of Variety of sports activities for adventure lovers. Sikkim is masterpiece of hill stations, valleys, rivers and also daring water falls makes plenty of opportunities for adventure tourism.

Adventure Tourism In Sikkim Simply Trekkers Paradise

Adventure Tourism in Sikkim is most famous for Trekkers. Trekking is most popular and well developed with varieties of options available here for different level of trekkers. From starter to advance trekkers all can enjoy their type of affordable programs.

Boast with world’s third highest peak, mighty Kanchenjunga, Sikkim offers plenty of rocking spots for adventure lovers. The Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek is the highest spot for trekking, which is 5086 meter, only for advance trekkers.

The amateur trekkers can enjoy the thrill they want through some easier trek like Sikkim-Darjeeling Trek, Yuksom-Dzongri Trek where the altitude varies from 2000meter to 3900 meters but the rout also thrilling for them.

Medium or moderate level trekkers can try Singalila ridge, Goecha La and Green Lake Trek where altitude varies 2500meters to 4800meters. They can also enjoy thrill that challenging little more than beginners trek. The trekkers who have some previous experience, are considered to be moderate trekkers.

Advanced trekkers always ready to take new challenges and also well trained mountaineers. The Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek is ultimate challenge for them and they can also enjoy amazing view of Kanchenjunga and other famous peaks like Frey, Koktang, Chandra and Kabru.

Adventure through walking on rustic hamlets, unknown places and breath taking views of mountains, valleys, rivers, villages is too good to achieve adventurous thrills that simply beyond imagination.

Other Opportunities For Adventure Tourism In Sikkim

Adventure Tourism in Sikkim offers plenty of challenging opportunities for tourist with 28 major peaks, more than 80 glaciers, 227 high altitude lakes, 5 major hot springs and more than 100 rivers and streams. The state has enough recourses to quench the thirst of any adventure lover willing to take challenges for new exploration.

The most popular activities the state offers are:

  • Trekking and Hiking
  • Mountaineering
  • Mountain Biking
  • River Rafting
  • Skiing
  • Para Gliding
  • Hang Gliding

These all activities attracts plethora of tourists for the destination that help to grow economic strength for the country.

Mountaineering At It’s Best For Adventure Tourism In Sikkim

Being the home of plenty of five thousander peaks Sikkim offers best opportunity for mountain climbing in the country. Apart from Kanchenjunga 8585meters of height, other peaks like Frey peak 5830meters to Kabru peak 7412meters also can be explored for mountaineers.

Sikkim boast plenty of sky kissing peaks that offers splendid views of places like yoksom, Tshoka and more off beat sights. The famous peaks like Tenchenkhang (6010 meter high), Mt. Jopuno (5603 meter high) are the major attraction for explorers.

Other popular Peaks are Mt. Brumkhangse (5868 meter high), Mt. Lama Wangden (5868 meter High), Kabru (7412 meter high) and Siniolchu (6888 meter High), the some of most famous in many others.

Mountaineers preferred Sikkim for not only explore the peaks but also love thrill, challenges and breath taking spectacular views that offers on the way. Each of peaks graded in to moderate to difficult according to it’s summit bid and challenges.

That is why adventure lovers adore Sikkim for it’s uniqueness and prefer as first choice for mountaineering.

River Rafting Is Another way of Adventure Tourism In Sikkim

The most addictive adventure activities of Adventure Tourism in Sikkim is River Rafting. The mighty rivers Tista and Rangit in Sikkim offers a great opportunity of test the strength and courage of adventure lovers.

The Tista and it’s tributary Rangit is so long, fast flowing between the rocky surface and stretches widely that makes Sikkim an ultimate River Rafting zone in India. In Sikkim River Rafting starting from the point of Yumthang, Donkia La, and Thangu.

After starting rafting stretches through the river on to Rangpo, where it makes a border between Bengal and Sikkim, on going through it finally reach to Tista Bazar at the ending point. The two major rivers meeting point called Tiveni, which is a popular view point.

Tista flows from the clacier called Pahunri or Tista Kangse. The mighty Tista flows with turbulence force that ranked with grade 3 and 4 rapids which count high challenging for tourists. Tista popularly known for it’s white sand which is perfect to pitch a camp.

The river Rangit is a tributary of Tista and in some stretches it is more turbulent that Tista and tourist face more challenging in it. The Rangit ranked 2 to 4 rapids. Rafting in Sikkim is not only for veteran rafters but normal tourists also can enjoy easier grade which is also offered in some places of Tista and Rangit both.

The amazing experience of river rafting through the spectacular views of places like terraced field, various flora and faunas, valleys, villages and countless white sand beaches with colorful camps mesmerizing an unforgettable memory can cherish for long. Ideal time for River Rafting in Sikkim is October to April.

Adventure Tourism In Sikkim Offers The Best Skiing Opportunity

Adventure tourism in Sikkim has a plenty of adventurous activities to allure adventure lovers from globally. One of the best attraction for adventure lovers is Skiing that allure tourists in winter season. As winter comes the layers of snow makes the slops of valleys ideally driven for skiing.

Thick cover of snow makes the slops of valleys ready for skiing. The two main spot in Sikkim famous for skiing is Yumthang Valley which is 25km from Lachung and Phuni Valley which is 15km from Lachung.

The best time for Skiing in Sikkim is November to March depending on snow falls. Tourists gather on Christmas for enjoying snow falls and skiing also.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Ques 1. What is Adventure Tourism in Sikkim ?

Ans 1. Adventure Tourism in Sikkim is a famous tourist attraction that offers plenty of adventurous activities in the lap of mountain, snow, rivers and valleys. Sikkim boasts all natural resources available in it’s bounty that offer tourists many surprises like trekking, paragliding , river rafting, skiing, mountaineering and many more.

Ques 2. What is special about Adventure Tourism ?

Ans 2. Adventure tourism is another kind of enjoyment that people can not get their daily life. It is an escape from regular routine of life to a new break less freedom. Some tourists are fond of adventures and explore new kind of excitement, they prefer Adventure Tourism most.

Ques 3. Why is Adventure Tourism trending ?

Ans 3. Adventure Tourism like Trekking, Cycling and just walking to explore unknown villages, their community, life style are more meaningful to traveler instead of just watching from out side and famous places. During traveling some body activities is much more rejuvenating for growing confidence and relaxation also.

Ques 4. What is the Capital of Adventure Tourism ?

Ans 4. Queenstown New Zealand is called the Adventure Tourism Capital of the World.

Ques 5. Which city is known as City of Adventure ?

Ans 5. Honnemardu is the city which is known as City of Adventure. Adventure lovers from the world gathering here for Kayaking, Trekking and boating.