Beat the Summer With Top 6 Best Festivals On Hills

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Best Festivals On Hills

Summer in India is full of scorching heat and sweat but also one such time to enjoy the best festivals on hills to beat the heat with family and friends, away from the hasty monotonous city life, between the lap of cool relaxing colorful natural paradise nearby famous hill stations.

Hill stations are only the way for getting some relief from scorching heat in summer holidays. India is known for rich and vibrant colorful best festivals of hills during summer. Peoples of hills celebrate summer month after harsh winter for harvesting and encouraging tourism to boost economy of the region.

Best Festivals On Hills

Locals perform with colorful costumes and unique rituals, fascinating all elements to entertain tourists to witness and understand the local culture and also showcase the local arts, handicrafts and cuisines to indulge the pure essence of the region.

The top 5 best festivals are going to perform in near months to the different hill stations in India. Here are the details of them to know the right time of the festivals for grab the opportunity in time.

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1. Mt. Abu Summer Festival is Vibrant Among Best Festivals On Hills

Mount Abu the only hill Station of Rajasthan and famous for it’s Summer Festival among best festivals on hills. The famous pilgrimage tourist spot of Rajasthan, celebrates the Summer Festival in the month of May or June. During the auspicious full moon of Buddha Purnima, is known for it’s 2 days cultural festival of dance, music, fireworks with other colorful events.

Best Festivals On Hills
Mt. Abu summer Festival

The festival is a signature of classical and folk dance, music, songs and instrumental beat with drama of tribal life and culture of Rajasthan. A traditional procession with folk dance starts the curtain raiser with followed by a boat race at Nakki Lake.

The festival continue for two days with plenty of fun activities, competitions and famous among them are skating races and tug of war. Beside the cheerfulness, the warm hospitality of the people of Rajasthan, also a memorable experience for tourists during the festival.

2. Hemis Festival In Ladakh is Mind Blowing Among Best Festivals On Hills

The Hemis Festival is famous in Ladakh for celebration of birth day of Sri Padmasambhava, the founder of Buddhism among best festivals on hills.The festival held yearly on 10th day of Tibetan Lunar month which is middle of June, This ethnicity of this old festival has a 300 years old history.

Best Festivals On Hills
Hemis Festival

The 2 days festival performed in Hemis Monastery and Lamas also participate with other Monks. The traditional Tibetan colorful vibrant gowns and Masks are used to perform cultural dance and music shows. Each Masks has their different unique significance and meaning.

It is believed that Guru Padmasambhava was reincarnation of Lord Buddha, and his date of birth which was foretold by Gautama Buddha was same after his born. He was reborn on his own, making his appearance to the world upon a lotus as Padmasambhava avatar.

The history of the celebration of Hemis festival in Ladakh around three hundred years back from now when the Hemis Monastery was established first time.

Chams is the main attraction of the Hemis festival which forms a tradition of the Himalaya. The Lamas clad themselves in baggy attires of red, blue, and mustard yellow shades, with masks, ribbons and horns and take part in a dance of folklores and tales.

People gather to enjoy this wonderful event, Lamas dance according to the bit of music in low to high frequencies while telling of stories continuing from the background.

The dance drama of Lamas conveys a message for the people. The whole performance is the portrayal of a combat between the good and the evil, which spread the message that the good will win always over the evil. The colorful festival also showcases the traditional handicrafts of the region.

3. International Flower Festival In Sikkim is Stunning Among Best Festivals On Hills

The International flower show and exhibition organized near Flower Exhibition Center in Gangtok is stunning among best festivals on hills. Capital city Gangtok decorated with the beauty and fragrance of natural flowers that captivating tourist indulge with, at the time of International Flower Festival of Sikkim which continues through out the month of May.

Best Festivals On Hills
Flower Festival in Sikkim

Apart from the flowers shows, the festival also includes various competitions. Visitors can enjoy river rafting with seminars and lectures which are also part of the International Flower Festival in Gangtok. Government of Sikkim also arrange many adventure activities at the time of International Flower Festival to promote tourism in the state as well as to give the visitors best of recreational experience in the land Kanchenjunga.

Around 30 species of rhododendron, 600 species of orchids and around 250 different species of plants, trees and ferns are displayed at the venue are the center of attraction for visitors from across the world. A large number of orchids are growing in Sikkim itself. A food festival is also organized alongside with flower show, where visitors enjoy local delicacies with Chinese, Thai and other dishes also.

4. Yuru Kabgyat Festival In Leh Is Spectacular Among Best Festivals On Hills

The Famous festival of Leh YuruKabgyat Festival of Buddhism is truly vibrant among best festival on hills. The festival also known as Lamayuru Festival organized at Lamayuru Monastery of Leh, in Ladakh, India. The festival is held on 17th and 18th of 5th Tibetan month, and according to July in India.

Located at the distance of 127 km from Leh, one of the famous sacred monastery and the Yuru Kabgyat Festival is most significant among Buddhist Monk. People of Buddhism are rushes from places like Tibet, China, Japan, Korea and also all over the world.

According to Buddhist legend Guru Padmasambhava is protector of horses, stallions and other animal, who is also consider to be the incarnation of Lord Buddha. The Lord of Wealth Padmasambhava and Yama, the Lord Of Death, both are the part of Yuru Kabgyat Festivalamong best festivals on hills.

Buddhist monks performed Mask dance in order to please the deities for helping them to save from the evil spirits and disasters. The Chams has the significant role in the festivals with dance drama performed by Lamas and Monks according to the sound made by Dungchen, Cymbals and Drums.

5. Shimla Summer Festival is Enchanting Among Best Festivals On Hills

The Shimla Summer Festival is the pride of Himachal among best festivals on hills. One of the best times to visit Shimla is during the Shimla Summer Festival, which is celebrated every year in May and June to welcome the arrival of summer.

In this picturesque hill station of Himachal Pradesh offers such a 10days madness of music, dance and other mind blowing enjoyment just can’t afford to miss for the tourists. The spirit of festival is the amalgamation of the best talents include performances by renowned singers, musicians and folks.

Events and competitions are included photography competitions, dance competitions, exhibitions and fashion shows, games, poster making competitions, when local handicrafts showcase the art, culture and spirit of Shimla,

First celebrated in 1960, the Shimla Summer Festival and since then celebrated every year in the month of June in Shimla and became the most crowd puller for tourism that time.

6. Ooty Flower Show is Fabulous Among Best Festivals On Hills

Ooty Flower Show is also known as Ooty summer show is fabulous exhibition of Flower among best festivals on hills. The show is famous as ‘Show Stopper Of South’ and captivating encourage for tourists puller on the summer month at the time of the Ooty Flower show.

The Department of Horticulture and Plantation Crop of Tamil Nadu aiming to organize the show for exhibiting the rich and varied heritage of Flora in the state. The show has successfully made the way to global trend in Floriculture since past 123 years.

The Ooty Summer Show lasts till 5 days and is usually held in May. Visitors need a 4 to 5 hours to cover all around the exhibition areas of several attractions. For beat the summer heat, Ooty festival is most attractive and pleasing opportunity for a mesmerizing traveling enjoyment.

The Flower Show annually organized in the Botanical Gardens of Ooty. The garden boasts around 1000 species of both exotic and indigenous plants, ferns, shrubs, trees, herbal and bonsai plants and architect by Graham Mc Ivor among best festivals on hills.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Ques 1. What is the best festival on hill in Summer ?

Ans 1. The best festival on hill in India is Ooty International Flower Festival, International Flower festival of Sikkim, Summer festival of Shimla, Buddhist Festivals of Leh ladakh are the famous among best festivals on Hills to beat the summer.

Ques 2. Is there any special arrangement for tourist in festival time ?

Ans 2. Government of Sikkim also arrange many adventure activities at the time of International Flower Festival to promote tourism in the state as well as to give the visitors best of recreational experience in the land Kanchenjunga and other festivals on hills also.

Ques 3. How long the Summer festivals continue in Shimla ?

Ans 3. Shimla Summer Festival is pride of Himachal Pradesh, offers such a 10days madness of music, dance and other mind blowing enjoyment just can’t afford to miss.

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