Top 6 Best Fun filled Outdoor Adventure In Dubai

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Outdoor Adventure In Dubai

The City Of Gold is more than a desert nation with luxurious sky scrappers other than an out standing place for outdoor adventure in Dubai.

The dream city offers an array of adventure activities for fearless challengers like sky diving, scuba diving, sky boarding, amazing desert safari, Shark diving at Dubai Aquarium, deep sea fishing and mesmerizing Flyboarding above sea are some few of the bucket.

Outdoor adventure In Dubai

Tourist also can take part of Skiing at Ski Dubai, Hot air Balloon ride, sand boarding and starlit Bedouin Camp stay, rock climbing and many others. Dubai is paradise for adventure lovers and here is some recommendation for grabbing some opportunity, when in Dubai, to experience for cherishing long.

Outdoor Adventure In Dubai
Jet Skiing

1. IMG World Of Adventure is Mind Blowing for Outdoor Adventure In Dubai

IMG Worlds of Adventure is known as one of the world’s largest theme park among outdoor adventure in Dubai. Over 1.5 million square feet areas, IMG Worlds of Adventure has several theme zones which creating a unique adventure opportunity for adventure junkies.

From the thrilling rides in the Marvel Zone, superheroes comes alive, to the Lost Valley of dinosaurs, the park is a total blend of adventurous entertainment for all ages. The Cartoon Network Zone offers entertainment for kids with beloved characters like Ben 10 and The Powerpuff Girls when IMG Boulevard offers a variety of dining and shopping options for others.

The Haunted Hotel, adds a chilling spine horror atmosphere a touch of fun for young enthusiast. , IMG Worlds of Adventure offers all kind of fun filled adventure and all rounded entertainment from younger visitors with its dedicated Kid’s Zone, filled with gentle rides, to challenging rides and activities to ensure a fun filled day for all.

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2. Ziplining in Marina is Courageous Among Outdoor Adventure In Dubai

Ziplining at Dubai is enthralling with chilling spine sensational among outdoor adventure in Dubai. Exhilarating unique way to experience the city’s iconic skyline and bustling waterfront with suspended high above the ground.

A chilling spine bird’s eye view of the stunning architecture and vibrant atmosphere of Dubai Marina from Top absolutely stunning. Ziplining at Dubai from one of the highest point in the world, soaring through the air with incredible panoramic vistas feels a joy of freedom with thrill.

The experience is not just about an adventure it is an opportunity to test of strength to resist against odds and comfort. This wonderful feeling about the awesome view of the world’s most dynamic and modern cities, definitely worth visiting again and again.

Opportunity of Ziplining in Dubai truly out of the world experience for every adventure junkies for beginners or performers. But taking all precautions are must and also careful about Claustrophobia or other height allergenic problems, in that case should avoid this. 

3. Flyboarding is Breathtaking Among Outdoor Adventure In Dubai

Fly Boarding is another breathtaking fun among outdoor adventure in Dubai. It is the epitome of aquatic adventure, offering an outstanding experience that perform above the water surface like a superhero. With the help of a jet ski, the player push up into the air, to fly around and jump back in to the water again. 

The players can fly and perform incredible aerial twists and turns above the water and diving back into the water before effortlessly flying again.  Visitors have a stunning performance to watch and performers also having fun with this mind blowing adventure. 

The warm waters and stunning coastline of desert land, forming a stunning backdrop for this energetic adventure, which is an opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views of the city’s skyline. Beginner or experienced, looking for enjoying new special thill, flyboarding promises to satisfy their urge with an unforgettable gravity defying fun on the shore of Arabian Coast.

4. Shark Diving Is Incredible Among Outdoor Adventure In Dubai

Shark diving in Dubai Aquarium is Incorrigible adventure among outdoor adventure in Dubai. Shark diving is a grabbing opportunity to become face to face fear and courage. It is a chance to watch giant shark in front of eyes, only protection of a cage in the deep sea.

The uncanny world of deep ocean and marine life, watching at a small distance in Dubai Aquarium is also thrilling.

It provides a unique chance to observe various shark species closely, including the hammerhead and tiger sharks also. Tourists can enter a specially designed cage submerged within aquarium for watching these majestic marine predators, under expert guidance. 

The shark diving in Dubai is not only appealing to courageous adventure lovers but also to marine scientists and conservationists, who love to research about marine life for spreading awareness about these misunderstood giants. It’s an opportunity to approach contribution for their conservation and protect the balance of nature.

5. Hot Air Balloon Ride Is Mesmerizing Among Outdoor Adventure In Dubai

Hot Air Balloon Ride is mesmerizing adventure among outdoor Adventure in Dubai. At the time of rising sun flying with hot air balloon is truly magical experience in Dubai. Along the desert watching from the top, sunlight playing in the golden sand dunes creating an heavenly feelings.

The soothing ambience of dawn in golden desert is mind blowing with spotting wild life like Arabian Gezelles from top.  Hot air balloon rides in Dubai provide a fusion of adventure and tranquility, a must try activity for both beginners and all adventure junkies.

It’s a unique way to approach the serene beauty of the desert and capturing stunning transformations of sand dunes on desert landscape from the peaceful heights of a hot air balloon.

6. Sky Diving Is Outstanding Among Outdoor Adventure In Dubai

Sky diving or flying in the sky above the famous icon Palm Jumeirah Is just mind blowing among Outdoor adventure in Dubai. It’s beyond of explain, when you thrown down from Helicopter at the height of 14,000 ft from the ground ! Yes That’s the thrill of outdoor adventure in Dubai.

Any tour of Dubai is incomplete without sky diving in Dubai. This adventure is allowed only for licensed or trained players for solo diving. Other than for beginners, also can do this with the help of an operator. Sky diving in Dubai is an rare opportunity to fly and freefall of 120 miles per hour for first 60 seconds.

After the registration with completed all safety measures, the process is started with explaining the whole process, Once you agreed you’ll be taken up in the sky by Helicopter at a height of 14,000 ft. for the next steps. You’ll will be ties with the professional instructor before dive.

Another professional is there for recording your whole experience. After diving from the base of Helicopter, first 60 seconds will be free fall in the sky. Parachute will be deployed after reaching 6000 ft above the ground and after then just enjoy the mind blowing view from top of the earth and feel the joy of fly, for the next 4 to 5 minutes before touching the ground safely.

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Frequently Asked Question And Answers

Ques 1. Is Dubai Good For Adventure ?

Ans 1. Dubai is well known outdoor adventure Place in world and the adventure in Dubai always at it’s best in the world tourism.

Ques 2. What is the 5 new attraction in Dubai ?

Ans 2. The best attraction in Dubai in 2024 are Dubai Mall China town, Hot air Balloon, AYA Universe, MBR Library, Sky Views Dubai among best Outdoor Adventure In Dubai.

Ques 3. Where is the Aladdin city in Dubai ?

Ans 3. Aladdin City is located at Riggat Al Buteen, Deira. It is inspired by the tale of Aladdin and Sindbad.

Ques 4. Which Palace is in Aladdin ?

Ans 4. The Sultan’s Palace is a colossal structure in the name if Agrabah’s Sultan.

Ques 5. Where is Disney Land in UAE ?

Ans 5. It is not exist now but on the way to build in near future in Dubai Parks and Resorts, Bollywood Park and Legoland Dubai,

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