Alluring 7 Best Islands To Visit In Seychelles

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Islands To Visit In Seychelles

An unspoiled natural fiery land of Africa famous for it’s 115 stunning archipelago of islands among best islands to visit in Seychelles. Although few of them are inhabited but others also incredible for their untouched beauty of white sand beaches with spectacular wild life and preserved nature.

The most of islands in Seychelles are uninhabited and Only some islands are open to tourists. The three main islands are Mahe, Praslin and La Digue and Mahe is the main island and home to the capital city Victoria. Choose to stay Mage or Praslin is advisable due to easier accessible to other Islands from their.

Best Islands To Visit In Seychelles

Other than three main islands there are some other islands also fascinated for uncountable attractions like watching black Parrots, Giant Tortoise, Coco d Mer trees and plenty of activities. Scuba diving, kayaking and snorkeling is popular attraction among tourists.

Seychelles have plenty to offer for not only Honeymooners but also those looking for a different travel experience. It is a great destination for family vacation also and offers plenty of activities to keep the kids happy and joyful with exotic warm weather, beaches with swimming opportunities, incredible wildlife, and local delicacies with marine fishes.

The main attraction of beautiful islands in Seychelles which is three main islands are Mahe, Praslin and La Digue which is easily accessible by boat or cruise. However, many other islands are there located too far and require several days by boat to get there. But Day tour from Praslin for island hopping is recommended to explore other accessible islands near by.

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1. Mahe Island Is Largest Among Best Islands To Visit In Seychelles

Mahe is the main and largest in the archipelago among best islands to visit in Seychelles. Home to the smallest capital city of world, Victoria, and 60 white sand beaches, water falls, hiking trails, dense forests Mahe is truly the glimpse of complete Africa.

One of the most popular beach Beau Vallon, famous for stretched long beach, which is ideal for walking. The beach is located at 15 minutes drive from Victoria, also largest beach in Mahe. The beach is often crowded due to popular activities like snorkeling, surfing, wind surfing, kite surfing, jet ski and diving.

The famous view point La Misere is just 8 km from Seychelles International Airport in Mahe which is located in Eden Island. The island is connected with a bridge to Mahe. The high altitude of La Misere view point offers a stunning panoramic bird’s eye view of the island and islets of the place among best islands to visit in Seychelles.

Grand Anse is another spectacular wild beach of Mahe among best islands to visit in Seychelles. The major beauty lies in the majestic granite boulders which over looking the beach along with water. The popular activity here is 30 minutes of Vacoa Nature Trail through the mangrove of Dauban river.

Among plenty of spectacular beaches, Anse Royale is a beach village which is famous for spice plantation. The wide 25 hectares land covers botanical garden and various sanctuaries, giant Tortoise breeding center, a museum and a restaurant where fresh spices used in foods for ultimate delicacy.

Anse Intendance is another spectacular beach spreading across 800 m through the cost line. The most attraction is glittering white sand beach overlooking stunning granite formations with mangrove and palm trees forest along the bay. The serene tranquil less crowded atmosphere wins millions hearts.

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2. Praslin is Treasure Trove Among Best Islands To Visit In Seychelles

The second largest island and the heart of the natural treasure among best islands to visit in Seychelles. Praslin is 40 km away and easily accessible from Mahe by ferries and 15-minute domestic aero planes.

The island is an excellent place for exploring the great fusion of rich culture and wild nature in island life style. Adventures with hiking and treks are also popular in this region to satisfy young enthusiasts. The museum and art gallery further help to unfold the history and culture of Praslin.

Islands To Visit In Seychelles
Praslin Island

Among the three inhabited zone of Praslin Baie St Anne hosts the main jetty and residential areas. Other two inhabited zones are Anse Volbert and Grand Anse. Both are famous for beautiful beaches and activities like scuba diving, sailing, wind surfing, fishing, swimming and snorkeling.

The island is home to famous Valle de Mai nature reserve which is UNESCO world heritage site. The rare Black Parrot, national bird of Seychelles, and Coco de Mer, the national fruit of Seychelles both are found in Valle de Mai Nature Reserve, which is also a bird’s paradise among best islands to visit in Seychelles.

The world famous Anse Lazio is one of the most beautiful beach, located in Praslin Island. The turquoise sea, powdery white sands, granite boulders and the backdrop of lush green trees create the soothing tranquility . Anse Lazio has an protected swimming area with net and all time guard on the beach.

If some one decide to visit only one island, Praslin is the first choice because tourists can access nearby other islands easily from here as a day trip by boat or cruise. Long cruise tour help to explore more islands with sailing and it cost less than hotel fare for staying in every islands to visit.

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3. La Digue is Little Paradise Among Best Islands To Visit In Seychelles

La Digue is smaller and third most popular among best islands to visit in Seychelles. One of the most beautiful island with lass crowded and only around 3000 inhabited in the village of La Passe. The spectacular small granite island can be explored by rented Bike or by walking also.

The most popular thing is to visit Anse Source D Argent beach. It is consider to be the most beautiful beach in the world and recognized by UNESCO as world heritage site. The pink granite boulders are the spectacular along the soft white sand shore which is must visit during La Digue island trip among best islands to visit in Seychelles.

La Digue is easily accessible by ferry from Praslin and other island also. In a day trip from La Digue other island hopping is also recommended for make the trip more adventurous. Activities like snorkeling, kayaking in glass bottom boat on crystal water is most popular where plenty of colorful fishes are waiting for you.

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4. Curieuse Island Is Dream Land Among Best Islands To Visit In Seychelles

Curieuse island is notable for red earth mountain among best islands to visit in Seychelles. Preserved nature with it’s raw wild beauty is signature of the island. The island is perfect picturesque from the hike and many trails of hiking is available for tourist to enjoy a bird’s eye view of Seychelles.

The island looks wild for colossal rock formation, enormous bird species, freely roaming giant Tortoise with exciting nature trails. The famous largest nut in the world and national fruit of Seychelles Coco de Mer naturally grows here at it’s real state. The giant Tortoise are friendly enough to touch it.

Islands To Visit In Seychelles
Turtle in Seychelles

Explore the Curieuse Island through a hiking is recommended and plenty of guided hiking through well marked easy trail are available here. The island can be explore by day trip from Praslin also. The island is also famous for a National Bio Reserve and Marine Park.

It takes around 2 minutes to reach Curieuse Marine National Park from Praslin. Explore giant hump head parrotfish which can grow up to 12 meters which is amazing, Feeding giant tortoises also allowed and it is surely a rare experience in life time.

5. Grande Soeur and Petite Soeur are Sister Islands among Best Islands To Visit In Seychelles

Grande Soeur is private island couple with Petite Soeur is called sister islands famous beautiful granite Islands among best islands to visit in Seychelles. Grand Soeur is protected serene natural paradise in Seychelles just like in picture of a big canvas. Long trees, granite boulders and serene blue ocean reminds the perfect scene of Jurassic Park ambience.

Petite Soeur is another among two islands and also protected natural treasure in Seychelles. This both islands owned and managed by hotel Chateau de Feuilles. The boarder of this hotel have full access of all fun activities like diving, snorkeling, trekking and other opportunities available also for kids.

The hotel also allowed restricted visitors for day tour and excursions. Visitors can also enjoy swimming and other water sports offers here. The wide panoramic view of Grande Soeur and petite Soeur is also mesmerizing which alluring tourists from far away among best islands to visit in Seychelles.

6. Cousin Island is Mind blowing Among Best Islands To Visit In Seychelles

Cousin Island is Natural Reserve of exotic birds and other rare species among best islands to visit in Seychelles. Spectacular natural beauty of the island soothing atmosphere and plenty of birds twittering around, just mind blowing. The island also a breeding spot of Hawksbill Turtles.

The island is protected natural reserve and can be visited through tour operators or Island administrator’s guided tour. They allow 75 minutes guided tour and highlight about biodiversity of variety of flora and fauna and their significant of the island.

Nature lover’s paradise Cousin Island, also enjoyable for family and couples for charming ambience. There is no accommodations or restaurant or any shops, so carry your own water and snacks. Be aware for misconduct and don’t leave your any garbage rather carry it.

Cousin Island is popular for watching birds like Blue Pigeons, Seychelles Warbler, Magpie Robin, Seychelles Sunbird. Kids also can enjoy with giant Aldabra tortoise lounging on the beach. resting and hawksbill turtles playing restlessly along the beach which are really harmless.

7. Aldabra Island is Wonder Land Among Best Islands To Visit In Seychelles

Aldabra Island is most famous for housing maximum population of Giant Aldabra Tortoise, among best islands to visit in Seychelles. The island is second largest coral Atoll and UNESCO world heritage site, is a wonder land of Indian Ocean in Seychelles.

Apart from Aldabra Tortoise, another rare bird species White Throated Aldabra Rail also an added attraction here. Sharks and Manta rays also found here in the sea. Rich bio diversity of the island provide variety of exotic wild life and rare plants in raw nature.

The best time to visit the island from May to December to enjoy the best out of the rest. Multiple water sports also available for enjoying serene water with diving and snorkeling. Colorful fishes and many surprises are waiting for grabbing the opportunity to explore wild wonder of Seychelles.


  • Praslin is easily easily accessible from Mahé by ferry boat and it is recommended to stay in Mahe or Praslin and other small islands are easily accessible from Praslin day tour by cruise or boat.
  • Private day tour also available from Mahé to easily visit La Digue, Curieuese, St. Pierre, and Anse Lazio in one day tour.

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