Beat The Summer With 5 Best Things To Do In Nepal

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Things To do In Nepal

The adobe of Himalayas famous peaks with mighty Everest other than watching valleys, plenty of things to do in Nepal to beat the summer heat. Beside the cultural richness and traditional history Nepal is also Dominating Hindu and Buddhist religious pilgrimage, has to be explored.

Things To Do In Nepal

The amazing things that Nepal is equally best for all like adventure, history or tracing the roots of Buddhism. Adventure junkies, nature lovers or mountaineers have rush through out the year as Nepal tracing the eight of some of the tallest peaks in the world.

From trekking to visit the birthplace of Buddha at Lumbini, biking in the rock, hiking, paragliding, flying over the Everest and other exciting more things to enjoy in Nepal.

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1. Jungle Safaris In Chitwan National Park Is Amazing Things To Do In Nepal

Chitwan National Park is famous for reserve forest of Royale Bengal Tiger, One Horn Rhinos, Leopard and Gharial farming with other animals, birds and reptiles. The Park is favorite for tourists, nature lovers and adventure lovers for the activities and amazing safaris, are also things to do in Nepal.

Apart from the activities like nature walk, cultural visit, bird watching, tourist also can enjoy various safaris like Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari, River Safari or Canoe Ride for exploring the jungle closely.

Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari provide a thrilling opportunity to explore wild life closer from distance through car route in the jungle. The service available twice a day, early morning and late afternoon. Early morning safari is much popular for spotting Bengal Tigers and Rhinoceros, more possibility than afternoon.

The Narayani River Route is more popular which offering perfect guidance through experienced guides for spotting Rhinoceros, Deer, Monkeys, and various bird species.

Elephant Safari

Elephant Safari is the most adventurous way to explore more deeper encounter of wild life to observe from a different perspective for about 1-2 hours, guided by trained mahouts or guide. Elephant can reach in to the deeper parts of the jungle easily.

Things To Do In Nepal
Elephant Safari

Tourists can explore deeper into the jungle when sitting atop the elephant’s back, which increase the chances of spotting larger animals like Rhinos, Sloth Bears, and even Tiger some moments.

River Safari Or Canoe Ride

Canoe ride trip is more unique way to explore aquatic wild life and birds along the Rapti or Narayani River, till around 1-2 hours, led by experienced guides. The main target to spot crocodiles, waterfowl, and other water creatures, with a silent thrilling experience among best things to do in Nepal.

Nature Walk and cultural visit

Nature walk in Chitwan National Park is conducted for nature lovers or students and researchers. The nature walk takes around 1 to 3 hours to exploring small creatures and variety floras and faunas through walking trails expert’s guide.

Walking through the village visitor can watch Tharu Community of Nepal and their way of life. Tharu community is an old indigenous social structure of Nepal and they are friendly to the tourists. Visitors can watch closely their culture and traditions.

Tharu villages offer with expert guide, a close watch of the way their daily life, agriculture, unique architecture, local houses, interact with villagers to unfold the traditions and practices of local people of hilly areas among things to do in Nepal.

2. Pokhara Paragliding is Outstanding Among Best Things To Do In Nepal

Pokhara is most picturesque and scenic place in Nepal and many adventure activities also offers among best things to do in Nepal. Pokhara is famous paragliding spot in the world and paradise of adventure lovers. Situated close to the foothills of Himalaya Pokhara is largest city of Nepal.

Surrounded by lakes and pristine nature bordering the snow clad Himalayan peaks, which loved by millions for also many adventure activities like paragliding, trekking, and boating while enjoying the spectacular panoramic views.

Pokhara is famous for top professional and commercial paragliding locations in the world. Pokhara offers a range of safe takeoff and landing zones, stable thermals, and the large lake for safely landing if required. Also, as a bonus, the low lying valleys, the snow capped peaks for a out of the word feelings,

Paragliding options for everyone, from beginner to advance who has covered many hours of flight under their belt. The beginners without experience tourists can go for Ridge Soaring, for 15 to 30 minutes flight under expert supervision.

The tourist of middle range experienced of looking for more adventure can choose Thermal and Acrobatic Flying. Which is also accompanied by a pilot but a level up.  They include acrobats with spin, loop, and spiral in the air for 10 to 15 minutes and these exciting stunts are called Black Fly, 

3. Trekking And Biking is Enchanting Among Best Things To Do In Nepal

Trekking and biking are the famous things to do in Nepal.  Trekking in Nepal is surely an unforgettable experience which challenge the endurance, spirit and inner strength, for feeling more confident after achieve the goal.

The experiences with camping under the stars, the fresh air of the hills, the stark skies which are sure to last for the lifetime. Nepal is a trekker’s paradise which offers wide range of trekking trails in different levels and altitude with gorgeous views, challenging yet rewarding for both beginners or advance.

The Mountain Biking is another thrilling experience to adventure junkies who grab the opportunity to explore the cultural heritage and picturesque landscapes through a unique way. The biking trails include exploring through ancient temples, rural villages, and terraced fields, while getting knowledge of historical and traditional culture of Nepal.

4. Yoga And Meditation is Mindful Among Best Things to Do In Nepal

Yoga and Meditation is such a mindful great experience among best things to do in Nepal. Many places in Kathmandu and other offers wonderful Yoga and Meditation centers where tourists allow to experience Asanas, Meditations with expert supervision.

Yoga and Meditation for beginners or experts both can enjoy the serene peaceful ambience for a rejuvenating and relaxation between hectic travel schedules. The Centers are nestled in many tranquil places of Kathmandu, Pokhara, or secluded Himalayan locations,

The Nepal is well known for Buddhist Monasteries and also Hindu religious places which also offers tranquil environment for Yoga and Meditation led by skilled instructors. Engaging in Yoga Asanas allows travelers to rejuvenate their minds, bodies and well being in a spiritually enriching environment.

5. Sunrise From Nagarkot Is Mind Blowing Among Best Things To Do In Nepal

Nagarkot is just 28 km from Kathmandu is most stunning Sunrise experience among best things to do in Nepal. Situated at the edge of Kathmandu valley, on the height of 7000 ft Nagarkot offers the most spectacular view of Himalayan range.

Nagarkot offers 8 peaks of 13 famous Himalayan peaks, those are the Annapurna, Manaslu, Lang Tang, Jugal, Everest, Numbur, Ganesh Himal, and Rolwaling ranges views in any clear day. As summer retreat of Nepal Nagatkot became famous from some years back.

Nagarkot blessed with stunning panoramas of the Himalayas, Everest and Kathmandu Valley. On the sunrise all eight ranges are visible from the fantastic sunrise viewpoint hikes in Nagarkot. When Sun light appears first on these mighty peaks it looks like a huge golden crown gradually places on the them and the golden aura that is truly heavenly hue are just out of the world.

The famous spots for the view are Nagarkot Nature Trail, and Nagarkot Geodic Survey Tower and the best time to visit 5 AM – 5:45 AM.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Ques 1. Which is the most beautiful Place In Nepal ?

Ans 1. The most beautiful Place and ‘Tourist Capital of Nepal’ is ‘Pokhara’. Pokhara is most picturesque and scenic place in Nepal and many adventure activities also offers among best things to do in Nepal. Pokhara is famous paragliding spot in the world and paradise of adventure lovers. Situated close to the foothills of Himalaya Pokhara is largest city of Nepal.

Ques 2. Is Nepal costly for tourists ?

Ans 2. Nepal has all type accommodations for tourists. It is consider to be the more budget friendly destination in Asia.

Ques 3. What is Nepal famous for ?

Ans 3. Nepal is home to the largest peak in the world Everest and also famous for birth place of Lord Buddha, is Lumbini.

Ques 4. Why is Kathmandu so famous ?

Ans 4. Kathmandu is most attractive for religious temples and monument which are also the masterpieces of architecture. Pashupatinath and Changu Narayan Temple are the most famous in Nepal.

Ques 5. Is there snowfall in Kathmandu ?

Ans 5. Snow fall is occasionally in Kathmandu but it is not regular snowfall destination in Nepal.

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