Hastings House

Hastings House A Famous Haunted House In India

Hastings house, the famous haunted house in India which is located in Kolkata. The building was Warren Hasting’s work place when he was Governor General of Fort William in Bengal at the British period.

Kolkata Also Host Many Spooky Spots Beside Hastings House

As Kolkata host plenty of old buildings of British era, it is believed to be the number of houses in Kolkata is famous for spooky horror story. These all stories has also evidence of real experience of many peoples. One of the famous story we found in Red road.

At mid night in Red road crossing a shadow of a big white figure found on the open road. His white hairs flying in the air. If any passer want to pass beside it caused accident or unnatural death. No body can pass through it in the night in Red road. Police also warn people on that particular spot to avoid in midnight.

Another spooky famous place in Kolkata is Writers Building. Employees rush from the building before evening because of some unnatural spirit comes from South Park Cemetery.

Today I am going to tell about Hastings House which is 250 years old and experience of horrifying incidence, happen with many eye witness, turned it the most famous haunted house in Kolkata as well as India also.

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Hastings House – A Heritage Of Bengal

Hastings House, situated along the Judges Court Road, Alipore in Kolkata. It was originally the Country Seat of Warren Hastings, Governor General Of Fort William in Kolkata, 1777-1785, a heritage of Bengal.

This heritage building was later developed as a government guest house by Lord Curzon, Viceroy and Governor General Of India 1901.

Hastings house is also famous of it’s architectural value. It is followed by the simple cubical architectural style of British era. White colored with Royale appearance of the house attracts every one but it is also famous as haunted house.

The building is two storied, ground floor comprises several living rooms and a big gallery in upper floor which convoyed with many Halls. Hastings house also decorated with attractive stairways and also enclosed with a lovely big garden. 

After demise of Warren Hastings, the Hastings House turned to be a tourist spot by the government in 1954. After that the house was transformed in to a college named “Institute of education of women” under Calcutta University.

The house is now owned by Calcutta University and the college is well known in West Bengal for various M.Ed courses for women. As a tourist spot it is not such popular place because of the horrible stories behind it. 

Hastings house is also famous haunted house in India. Many stories are behind the fact and many people also experienced the horrible sensation of unnatural spirit during the period.

Legend said Every year Warren Hastings arrive with his horse carriage. He get down to search for some of his valuables that were misplaced during the time he left for England. 

Hastings House
Closed windows of Hastings House

The Story Of Ghost In Hastings House 

But not only Hastings spirit, there another story found related the ghost. A ghost of an young boy sometimes seen in the middle of the play ground.

The story behind it that earlier a group of boys were played football in the ground. A boy one day suddenly hurt by the football on his chest. As told he fell down on the ground and died on the spot.

Other boys ran down from the spot in panic and never came back again. People said that a boy some times seen on the middle of the ground laid down and waiting for his friends to come back. 

Another story of white horse is also in the air. A horse owner was lived in the house with his family. He loved his horses and he has a white horse also along with others. He attached most with his white horse and it was his favorite one.

One night some one shot the white horse and it died. Since then it was believed that a white horse could be seen in the night before it disappeared, on the ground.

A Shadow With A Lamp In Hastings House

Hastings House also witnessed a ghost of a lady with a lamp hovering around the house and garden. Many people has witnessed it. Researchers says she is Marian, 2nd wife of Hastings.

Hastings handed over the house to Julius with transferred the ownership of her name. Julius was his daughter of his 1st wife. Marian was his 2nd wife and she nurtured the baby after marriage with Hastings. Julius continued to stay in this house with her family for a few more generations. After death all the family members were buried with in the building premises.

According to the legends the ghost of Marian also return to her house like Hastings’ ghost. Many people has seen the shadowy figure walking from the tomb to premises around with a lamp.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Ques 1. Who was the first Governor General Of India ?

Ans 1. First Governor General Of India (Bengal) was Warren Hastings and First Governor General Of British India was Lord Bentinck.

Ques 2. Why Hastings House a famous Haunted house ?

Ans 2. Hastings House popularly known as famous haunted house because of people experienced many uncanny feelings with horror sound and shadow figures of ghost since Warren Hastings death.

Ques 3. Who is the first Governor in India ?

Ans 3. The first Governor of Independent India was Sarojini Naidu. She was 1st Governor of UP from 15 August 1947 to 2nd March 1949.

Ques 4. Is Warren Hastings’ Ghost can be seen there ?

Ans 4. Yes. Many people has seen the ghost of Hastings to be busy with finding some thing and sound of his horse cart.

Ques 5. Is Hastings’ wife also seen in the house ?

Ans 5. Some Shadowy woman figure walking with lamp in the premises can be seen whom researcher said she is Marian, Hastings’ wife.

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