Historical Varanasi
Brahman priest in Ghat

Heritage is the history behind the culture, it’s origin and it’s present placement which describe the tradition of that particular culture. A long tradition became an iconic culture of that places or social identification. That is Heritage of our country India. It has a vast heritage and history that is described in this category. The Heritage of social, cultural and historical which are very diversified and unique.

Holi Festival India

Holi Festival india Wins Hearts With Joy Of Colors

Jaita Dey

Holi Festival India popularly known as ‘Festival of Colors’, is one of the most popular festival of India. It breaks ...

Varanasi Pilgrimage

Varanasi Pilgrimage Famous For Rich Hindu cultural and Spiritual Hub In India

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Varanasi Pilgrimage, which is well known as Hindu spiritualism with modern education and cultural platform since old. Located in the ...

Hastings House

Hastings House A Famous Haunted House In India

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Hastings house is a piece of architectural master piece, the heritage of Bengal. The building was Warren Hasting's work place when he was Governor General of Fort William in Bengal at the British period.

Kalikapur Rajbari

Kalikapur Rajbari — The Forgotten History Of 400 Years

Jaita Dey

Our destination is Kalikapur Rajbari (Palace) which is a piece of Bengal Heritage was built near about 400yrs ago, now almost the structure of the palace, silently describe the charming history of the past.

Baul Songs

Baul Songs Are Melodious Cultural Roots Of Bengal Wins The Heart Globally

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Baul songs are well known mystic lyrics, originated from Bengal as old as 15 century, according to the history. Baul-Fakir folks are simple villagers of Bengal of Vaishnobi caste. They composed melodious lyrics orally for begging foods from others as a profession. 

Toto tribes

Toto Tribes Are Still Struggling For Their Existence

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Totos are found in the foot hills of Himalaya, called Dooars, near Bhutan Border. Totos lived in the village that fall under Alipurduar constituency. Agriculture is the only way of arrange bread and butter for them but the lands they live near Bhutan border are most of stone land, not useable for crops.

Joshimath Land Slide

Joshimath Land Slide Spreading Towards Alarming Zone, Is Joshimath Sinking ?

Jaita Dey

Joshimath Land Slide in Uttarakhand became one of the threatening concern for Indian boarder line where ITBP Shoulder Camp could ...

Rural Games

Rural Games — Motivated by Nature

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Rural Games are very popular among the villagers. These games are formed naturally by their work culture and nature of entertainment. They don't have have enough sources of proper games to play. Since very earlier time villagers used to modified their daily work to do in a form of game.

Trams -- Eco Friendly Vehicle For The Future

Trams — Eco Friendly Vehicle For The Future

Jaita Dey

The system was operated since 1873 with horse drawn Trams. The old Trams became upgraded to Electricity Operated Tram system since 1902 and since then it is oldest electricity operated transport in Asia.

Victoria Memorial

Centenary Year Of Victoria Memorial, The Iconic Monument Of Kolkata

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Centenary Year Of Victoria Memorial celebrate the day on 20th November 2021. The building is an Iconic Monument of Kolkata inaugurated publicly on 1921, Laid foundation by Prince of wales, Who became king George v later.

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