Holi Festival india Wins Hearts With Joy Of Colors

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Holi Festival India

Holi Festival India popularly known as ‘Festival of Colors’, is one of the most popular festival of India. It breaks all boundaries of community, caste, religious even the boundaries of country. Many countries  in the world celebrating the Holi festival with utmost enthusiasm.

Some times it called the ‘Festival of Love’, because it reflects the unity of Indian community with colors and love they exchange to each others. Holi is one of the great festival when people of all religious in India celebrate the festival with colors of ‘Abeer’ and open their doors for each others to well come with sweets and gifts.

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Holi Festival India 2024

Celebrating of Holi lasts one night and one day which starts previous evening of the day of Holi. It starts in the evening of Purnima, the full moon day in the month of Falgun in the name of Holika Dahan or Choti holi. People gathering together and lit up the bonfire and surrounded the fire to throw the woods, jau, dry leaves and many thing as symbol of bad things to be burnt.

Holi Festival India
Splashing Abeer among friends

It is believed that all negative things to be burnt to bring out the positivity. The next day is called Holi and celebrated through the whole day. People splash color balloons  and spread dust color powder in the air, called ‘Abeer,’ to each other. 

Holi Festival India brings positivity and rejoice life with vibrant of colors. On the day of Holi streets turns to red, green, blue and other colors as people throw colored powder on air and every where. They splash colored water filled balloon to the people and dab colored powder on faces called ‘Abeer’ to each other.

Children throw water to each other through water guns and pichkari. Holi also enjoyable to the children with their friends, brothers and sisters. They also play with colors among their friends.

The Story Behind The Holi Festival India

The word Holi derived from the story of ‘Holika Dahan’. A story of legend Prahlada and Holika is much popular for the believe of ‘Always good win over evil’ in Holi Festival India.

Holika was booned by Brahma for not getting burnt in fire. Hiranyakashyap was well known about the fact that fire couldn’t harm her anymore. Holika was the sister of Hiranyakashyap. He was the king of the Earth and ordered every one to worship only him rather than any other God in the Earth.

But his son Prahlada was devotee of Lord Vishnu and denied to worship his father Hiranyakashyap. The angry king decided to kill his son and he tricked with his sister to sit on the fire with prahlada on her lap. He knew that Holika stay safe in the fire and Prahlada get destroyed by the fire.

But Holika was unaware that Boon worked only when she entered into the fire alone. She sat on the blaze with Prahlada on her lap and Prahlada enchanting the name of Lord Vishnu continuously. The fire caught Holika to death and Prahlada came out from the fire safely, as the Lord Vishnu blessed him for his extreme devotion.

The story shows how positivity wins over negative energy and celebrate this thought Holi Festival India is celebrated with full enthusiasm among Indians as well as other country also. It spread love and unity to the community and inspire them to bring positivity with destroy negativity in their life.

Holi Festival India Also Celebrated With colorful Flowers among Blind Students of Kolkata

Holi is celebrated normally with ‘Abeer’ and water colors in Holi Festival India. But for those who are not able to see or enjoy Holi like any normal people who can see, Holi with flower organize for them.

Holi Festival India
Flower Holi for Blind school Kolkata

The organization of Blind School of Kolkata celebrate ‘Basanta Panchami’ utsav on the occasion of Holi. The Children of ‘Light House’ for the blinds celebrate the festival of colors on their own way, with colorful flowers instead of colors of Abeer. ‘Sharodiya’, a NGO organizes the event every year and this year in 2024, 25th March they are going to celebrate their 9th years of celebration.

The students of the blind school, who can not see and only visible color is black, they feels the fragrance of the flowers and also can touch them. They call the event as ‘Phul Dol’ or ‘Flower Holi’ and splash flowers on their friends for feeling like Holi Festival India with colors.

They also perform cultural events of their choice like dance, music, playing musical instruments in the event. The festival of Holi bring smile for the students when they play with flowers, they try to realize the thing, it’s fragrance and joy of happiness, what is visible loudly on their face.

Holi Festival India also the festival of love

In modern times, the Holi Festival India marks on a new aspects. Holi forms a condition to come together and celebrate our diversity across the country and beyond also. The festival remind us the need, to be united by our humanity across the world for our own survival, the need of togetherness to celebrate our commonalities, and build a bridge of understanding and respect.

Holi is most popular festival in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and total North India. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Mathura, Vrindavan due to birth place of Shree Krishna. The festival marks the beginning of spring and for religious aspect of ‘Krishna Lilla of Basant Purnima’.

People participate in worship in ‘Basant Purnima’ with special Bhog of ‘Shirni’ of Lord Vishnu and his incarnation of Shree Krishna. People wear white clothes and splash colors to each other with singing and dancing for a fun filled enjoyment of spreading togetherness in the soceity.

In Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and North India some traditional dishes are made for Holi include malpua, Dahi vada, and thandai. ‘Thandai’ is one type of Lassi mixed with ‘Siddhi’ for a refreshing traditional drink for Holi celebration.

Other part of India also celebrating Holi of their own way traditionally. They offer gifts and sweets to each other and splash colors with a good wishes and celebration. In Bengal also celebrate Holi with full encouragement and classic way.

Shanti Niketan in Bengal is famous for ‘Basanta Utsav’ in Holi which performs with dance of Rabindra Sangit for inviting all neighbors for join the celebration. It is so special that peoples gather from all over the world to enjoy and participate Holi Festival India in Shanti Niketan.

Holi Purnima and Holika Dahan Muhurat Of Holi Festival India 2024

Holi Muhurat 2024Time/MuhuratDate
Purnima Tithi Starts9:54 AM24th March 2024
Purnima Tithi Ends12:29 PM25th March 2024
Holika Dahan Time Period1 hour and 14 minutes24th March 2024
Holika Dahan Timings11:13 PM to 12:27 PM24th March 2024

Precautions For Holi Festival India

Some Precautions are advisable for a safe and enjoyable Holi experience.

  1. Use oil before apply colors on skin and hair.
  2. Use sunglass to protect eyes from entering colors.
  3. Keep enough water near by at the time of Holika Dahan.
  4. Keep a First Aid Kit near by.
  5. Keep an eye on children and play at a safe distance.
  6. Use organic colors instead any synthetic or cheap colors with harsh chemicals.
  7. Don’t play Holi if you allergic or irritated with colors.
  8. Don’t throw colors on any body who don’t like to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Ques 1. What is the real date of Holi in 2024 ?

Ans 1. 25th of March is the real date of Holi in 2024.

Ques 2. What is the two days Holi in Holi Festival India ?

Ans 2. Holi is celebrated for two days, one is Holika Dahan and second day is Rangwali Holi.

Ques 3. What is Festival of Color ?

Ans 3. Holi Festival India is called Festival of Colors.

Ques 4. Which is the traditional drink in Holi ?

Ans 4. The traditional drink is offered on the occasion of Holi is called ‘Thandai’.

Ques 5. What is the purpose of celebrating Holi Festival India ?

Ans 5. The purpose of celebrating Holi to teach people about the truth is ‘Good always win over Evil’.

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