Beat The Summer With 8 Best Treks in Ladakh For Beginners

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Best Treks In Ladakh

Famously known as ‘Moon’s Land on the earth’ which is a trekker’s paradise among best treks in Ladakh. With rugged towering peaks in blue sky backdrop, Ladakh is surely awesome wonderland with breath taking beauty.

Best Treks In Ladakh

Ladakh is a separate union territory of India that transformed in 2019, after the state of Jammu and Kashmir was divided into 2 union territories as Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh. Located at a high altitude, Ladakh boast some of the world’s highest motorable passes, for choose to bike all the way to Ladakh if you want.

Apart from biking Ladakh is also known for one of the best trekking places in the country. Ladakh is a land of not only beauty and adventure but also the snow-capped peaks, crystal clear rivers, ancient monasteries and traditional villages offers a treasure trove of natural and cultural wonders that nestles high in the Himalayas.

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The region also the home to some of the world’s most challenging and rewarding treks and adventure activities like trekking on frozen rivers, scaling towering peaks, water rafting and mountain biking through remote villages. Here is some easy to moderate trek details which most of the tourists, who want to explore the cold desert land by foot, can enjoy their way.

1. Spituk-Rumbak-Stok Trek Easier Among Best Treks In Ladakh

One of the gems and shortest trek among best treks in Ladakh. It is also the popular among tourists for Short and affordable for most of the tourists who want to try first time trekking. It offers witness the lifestyle of local people through the beautiful charming village of Rumbak.

The first day of the trek followed by a 5-hour-long trek along the banks of Indus river that continue to the gorge at Zingchen. After refreshing in a camp or home stay, the scenic beauty of valley mesmerizing the energy at full for exploring around in best treks in Ladakh.

2nd day will have lead to Rumbak with a slight elevation towards the village. A small village of Ladakh and friendly simple villagers with their family live in such a high altitude and challenging atmosphere is worth to explore.

Around 6 month of harsh bitter cold, totally covered with snow at the temperature sliding below -30 degree, how they survive, just noticeably surprising. They can only work for their bread and butter after the winter season in summer months.

The final round of last day’s trek include a steep incline leading up to the Stok La pass. The fresh panoramic view from the Stok La Pass is stunning and the last leg of the trek begins here with descending from the valley down to Stok.

Duration : 5 days, Level : Easy to Moderate, Max Altitude : 4,855 meters

2. Sham Valley Trek is Popular Among Best Treks In Ladakh

Sham Valley Trek is also called as baby trek among best treks in Ladakh popular for beginners. It is a great choice for beginner trekkers, for staying at homestays, visit remote villages and monasteries by foot. The passes are not extremely high, and the spectacular natural vistas, wipe away the tiredness.

This trek begins from Likir, following through the stunning sights of Phobe La, Saspotse village. Before stepping into the cold valley of Ladakh, you can visit the Likir Monastery. The trek then continues by hiking through the village of Yangthang.

The next day trails continues through the Rizang Monastery to Hemis Shukpachen, one of the most beautiful villages in the region, surrounded by high mountains, meadows and streams.

The last leg of the trek continue through the spectacular sights of Mebtak La, the Ang village and Temisgam village which is famous for it’s monastery and stunning views of Sham Valley.

Duration : 3 days, Level : Beginners, Max Altitude : 4000 meters

3. Lamayuru To Chilling Trek is Incredible Among Best Treks In Ladakh

Lamayuru to Chilling trek is incredible view of Ladakh among best treks in Ladakh. The trek starts from Lamayuru monastery leading to Chilling village of Zanskar valley. the trek is intermidiate and popular option for adventure junkies.

Best Treks In Ladakh
Lamayuru Trek

The total route is organized with monasteries, villages, mountain passes, barley fields and meadows to explore the entire Ladakh experience and also added touch of incredible views of the Stok and Karakoram ranges. The trek is also added the famous Shey Gompa, which is known for summer palace of the kings of Ladakh.

On day four, in valley of Kanski La where encounter the shepherds who make butter and cheese here. Chilling village a popular place for tourists for it’s charming ambience among the people of the village and surrounding snow capped mountain with magnificent picturesque view. The village is famous for beautiful copper products and local handicrafts can be collected as souvenir. From Chilling village, you can drive to Leh which is the closest airport.

Duration : 5 to 6 days, Level : Beginners to Intermediate, Max Height : 4,950 meters

4. Markha Valley Trek is snow leopard trek Among best treks in Ladakh

Markha Valley Trek is most popular among best treks in Ladakh. This trek is famous for Snow Leopard view in winter at Hemis National Park which is a part of the trek. As snow Leopard can be seen only at winter, the trek is favorable for February and March at below 0 degree temperature.

Perfect for beginners, the trek takes you through Buddhist monasteries and mountain villages with a spectacular views of the Zanskar range. The peak point of the trek is Kongmaru La Pass at the height of 5,265 meters which work as a connecter from Markha Valley to the Indus Valley.

The Markha Valley Trek Among best trek in Ladakh offers the stunning views of Mount Kang Yatse and Mount Stok Kangri with green Markha Village, a perfect picturesque scene in the lap of cold desert in Ladakh. The trek followed by to cross high mountain passes like the Kongmaru La and the ice-cold Markha River. 

Trekking along the green landscape in the cold desert, with crossing the cold waters of the River Markha twice, which will surely an unforgettable memory to cherish for long.

Duration : 8 days, Lavel : Beginners to Intermediate, Highest Peak : 5,265 meter

5. Padum To Darcha is Great Among best treks in Ladakh

Padum to Darcha another great trek for beginners among best treks in Ladakh. The trek begins from Padum, passing through the Phugtal monastery, which can be still reached only by foot in Ladakh.

The rocks on the way, restore the curves of prehistoric age which is the evidence of nomads and tribes who often passes through the region. The Kargyak River areas placed numerous camps called doksas and spot the yaks grazing in the fields. The delicious curd made of yak’s milk is added energy on way.

The highest point of the trek Shingo La is a steep ascent after which a three hour descent through rocks and scree, down to Ramjak. The last day will past gentle streams and tea shops to reach Chika, where the roads approaches to Leh.

Duration : 10 days, Level : Beginners to Intermediate, Max Height : 5090 meters

6. Nubra Valley Trek is Mesmerizing Among best treks in Ladakh

Nubra Valley Trek is one of the enjoyable and fabulous among best trek in Ladakh.

Starts from the Hunder village in Ladakh continue to walk along the Hunder River with an overnight camp. The trek joins another river in next leg, the Thanglasgo, which lead to the beautiful high altitude river valley and the stunning view of the glacier lakes in Ladakh.

The Nubra Valley trek allows to cross some of the world’s highest mountain passes which is an opportunity to have a glimpse of mighty ranges of Karakoram, Ladakh, and Zanskar. Continue Climbing to the northern range in the next legs to reach the south of the Lasermo La at 5,000 meter height.

In the last leg of the trek descending to the village of Morobuk which also offers a spectacular view of the Stok Kangri ranges. Nubra valley trek has a historical significance, as it allows to touch Silk Route, Connecting Indus valley to Nubra Valley, which once connected India to the rest of central Asia.

At Nubra Valley, enjoy the ride on the double humped Bactrian camel, when visiting Diskit Gompa is an out of the world experience.

Duration : 5 days. Level : Intermediate, Max Height : 5,438 meters.

7. Saboo to Khalsar Trek is Thrilling among best treks in Ladakh

Saboo to Khalsar is much thrilling among best treks in Ladakh.

The Saboo to Khalsar trek is an alternative to the Nubra valley trek from Phyang to Hunder. These two treks are very similar with same duration and difficulties. The trek from Saboo to Khalsar is slightly more different due to Digger La pass is crossed on the 2nd day instead of the Lasermo La pass in Phyang to Hunder trek.

In the last leg to reach Khalsar village in the Nubra valley, where some sightseeing are offers to visit the main highlights of Ladakh, like Diskit, Sumur, Hunder, Panamik, Turtuk with Bactrian Camel ride to grab the traditional essence of the region before heading back to Leh.

Other highlighted place to be explored in the way are Saboo, Digar La Pass, Chumik yokma, Rongjok, Khalsar.

Duration : 5 days, Level : Moderate, Max Height : 5,405 meters.

8. Ripchar Valley Trek is marvelous Among Best Treks In Ladakh

The Ripchar Trek involves marvelous scenic beauty among best trek in Ladakh. The Trek started from Lamayuru Monastery and brilliantly planned trek which offers useful insight and route to complete it easer way. The total path is dotted with charming villages, monasteries, irrigation field of Zanskar and Kararoram ranges.

The entire region covered with blooming flowers in the season of July and August, which cool off all tired soul of trekkers. The last leg of trek ends in the region of Chilling, a famous large Ladakh village, which is only one of its kind for well known bronze, copper handicrafts.

Other highlighted places to be explored are Parallel Mountain ranges, Ladakh culture and tradition, famous village Hinju, other isolated villages, Chilling Valley in best treks in Ladakh

Duration : 9 days, Level : Intermediate, Max Height : 4300 meter.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Ques 1. What is the best time to trekking in Ladakh ?

Ans 1. The months of June to September are best for trekking in Ladakh. The average temperature in June around 2.9°C and 5°C in September. Due to harsh cold most of the time the temperature slips below comfort level around -20 to -26 degree.

Ques 2. What kind of accommodations available during the trek in Ladakh ?

Ans 2. Since most of the trek passes through the remote villages, the home stay is available for trekkers in such villages in remote areas for best treks in Ladakh.

Ques 3. Are there any Permit required to trek in Ladakh ?

Ans 3. Tourist need an inner line permit for trekking which can be applied online through

 Ques 4. Which valley is popular for trekking in Ladakh ?

Ans 4. Markha Valley is most popular for tourist due to easier trek for beginners and also Can be spotted Snow leopard in the way of Hemis National Park.

Ques 5. Which is the most beautiful valley in Ladakh ?

Ans 5. Nubra Valley is the most beautiful valley in Ladakh due to cold sand dunes near Sumur Village and also surrounded scenic natural beauty.

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