Lakshadweep Cruise Vacation For A Dream Holiday For Couples

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Lakshadweep Cruise Vacation

Lakshadweep famous for natural tropical Islands archipelago which ideal for couples to enjoy togetherness with a Lakshadweep Cruise vacation. There is plenty of cruise ship in Lakshadweep run by Government and also private companies which are became famous among tourist for luxury cruise service for explore Lakshadweep more conveniently.

Lakshadweep Cruise Vacation

The magic of Lakshadweep lies in the under water lagoons and coral reefs archipelago spreading around 4200 km areas. It is only place in India to snorkel in the coral reef in Lakshadweep. The numerous excursions and enjoyment in Cruise ship making the holiday infinitive possibilities for couples to explore Lakshadweep in new fabulous way.

Lakshadweep Cruse Vacation
Luxury Cruise

Lakshadweep is smallest Union Territory of India along with 36 Atolls of Islands, islets located 220km away from the coast of Kerala. Among 36 islands only 10 are inhabited. Cruise to Lakshadweep has always been not only transportation but a vacation in itself. 

The Cruise organize many excursions on day in the islands and board at night. The islands are accessible with the land by ships, helicopter, Airplanes and wooden vessels. The islands like Agatti and Bangaram are easily reached by ship and air from Cochi. From Agatti, Kadmath and Kavaratti are linked by speed ferry. Elaborated infrastructures also is in place to meet the convenience of tourist.

The fascinating cluster of about one hundred thousand islands in Lakshadweep, located in the placid waters of the Arabian Sea, can be accessed by yachts and cruises in luxurious Lakshadweep Cruise Vacation. The cruise can be government run or privately operated and can be boarded from Kochi, Beypore, Mangalore, Mumbai, and Goa.

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Government Run Cruises in Lakshadweep Cruise Vacation

Numerous Government run cruises to Lakshadweep operate from Kochi which accommodate over 650 passengers at a time. The rooms are comfortable and provide a range of rooms like AC Deluxe class rooms with 2 berth cabins, AC first class rooms with 4 berth cabins, and AC tourist class rooms with seating arrangements in Lakshadweep Cruise Vacation.

These Lakshadweep cruises are accommodate with basic facilities, like restaurant, snack bars, lounge, and video shows. Medical facilities with doctors-on-call also provided for emergency. Kochi to Lakshadweep cruises cost starts from INR2, 200/head/day for a second class, 4 berth cabin in MV Kavaratti.
Time taken to reach Lakshadweep between fourteen and twenty hours. The available cruses are as follows.

1. Minicoy Cruise In Lakshadweep Cruise Vacation

Minicoy is a crescent shaped island, the second largest in the archipelago, comprises two islands. The southernmost island of the group is famous for Tuna fishing center in Lakshadweep. In the four to five nights cruise package include two kinds of rooms.

Lakshadweep Cruise vacation
Lakshadweep Island

The Gold class which is four sharing and Diamond class which is twin sharing. The cruise takes 14 to 20 hours to reach Kochi to Lakshadweep and famous cruise ships are MV Lakshadweep Sea and MV Arabian Sea.

2. Samudram Cruise In Lakshadweep Cruise Vacation

The Samudram Cruise covers a five day cruise to the islands of Kavaratti, Kalpeni, and Minicoy. The cruise has 150 Diamond class and first class air conditioned accommodation with three meals a day. Among plenty of excursions angling, swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling include the performances of folk dance and shows.

Other outings allows for travelers, covers the Tuna Canning Factory, the old lighthouse in Minicoy, the Museum, Marine Aquarium and various mosques in Kavaratti. The excursions offers in the day and the night would be spent on board. This cruise is open only to Indian citizens and runs from September to May only for 14 to 16 hours.

The Ships are available in Samudram Package are as follows :

MV Kavaratti

MV Kavaratti also a Cargo ship allows 700 passengers in 150 berths, double occupation in each room. Nights are spent on board and day time has numerous fun activities on board like dances, entertainment shows and also adventure sports in Lakshadweep Cruise Vacation.

MV Bharat Seema

The MV Bharat Seema is a famous big white cruise ship which is operated from Cochin to Agatti Island where tourist can stay at the island resort. The ship offers accommodations of both four and double berths for tourists. The facilities of entertainment halls and foods at the restaurants inside, the ship can carry 500 passengers on board. The Island visit also allowed by smaller boats.

Lakshadweep Sea Ship

Lakshadweep Sea ship famous as the part of Marine Wealth Awareness Package and takes tourists to Kadmat Island. Days are spent on various activities, island visit, and also explore variety of marine life with snorkeling in coral reefs, when nights are accommodated on board in Lakshadweep Cruise Vacation.

Arabian Sea Ship

The Arabian Sea Ship offers a five days coral reef package to the islands of Lakshadweep through the Arabian Sea. The cruise covers visit the islands of Minicoy, Kadmat, Kavaratti, and Kalpeni with meals. The excursions are diving, snorkeling, swimming and entertainment programs are also included.

MV Tipu Sultan

MV Tipu Sultan is famous big ship with a capacity of 650 passengers in AC, non AC, two berths, four berths, deluxe and tourist class packages are available. Throughout the journey numerous activities offers in entertainment lounges, with Snack bars and cafeteria.

MV Amindivi

MV Amindivi is launched in 1974 as first All Weather Ship in Lakshadweep Cruise Vacation. The cruise safari is ideal for exploring islands in Lakshadweep for couples as well as other tourists also. With convenient way of watching tranquil ocean from the deck with snacks from cruise.

Tourists can enjoy various excursions also on the coast with diving, boating, snorkeling between marine life on the island in day time with dreamy sunset. After then relax on cruise with mouth watering sea foods on board.

3. Luxury Cruises From Kochi In Lakshadweep Cruise Vacation

Amet Cruise

Amet Cruise is five star luxurious, one of the best cruise package in the world in Lakshadweep Cruise Vacation. The cruise is open to international passengers also With a 200 crew members, carries 700 people in its 250 cabins.

Tourists can also opt for spa and premium suites for more luxurious stay. Beside Indian and international foods also available wine and fancy cocktails. Apart from big conference hall cruise has facilities like casinos, badminton courts, restaurants, pubs, bars, sea-facing rooms, pools, spas.

The Cochin to Lakshadweep package includes activities like Scuba diving, reef and lagoon snorkeling, kayaking, glass bottom boat rides and village visit.

Cordelia Luxury Cruise

Cordelia Luxury Cruise offers an fabulous 6 day and 5 night expedition that covers from Mumbai, Goa, Cochin, to Lakshadweep Islands. The cruise offers opulent comfortable cabins and deluxe amenities, ensuring a blissful stay during travel on Arabian Sea in Lakshadweep Cruise Vacation.

Cruise designed to enhance the comfort and enjoyment of boarders with fine dining at numerous restaurants, casinos, exquisite drinks at the Chairman’s Club and Pool Bar. Boarders can enjoy a spa treatment at Salon with enjoying an wide ocean view.

Private cruise also available from the port of Mumbai and Goa to Lakshadweep. There is not much such services, but among them most popular are Super Star Lybra and MS Ocean Odyssey. An entry Permit is required to visit Lakshadweep and can be easily available through travel agents.

Permit is not same for Indian and foreigners. They should have a valid passport and only allowed in Agatti, Kadmat and only International Tourist Resort Of Bangaram.

Best Time To Visit

Best time to visit Lakshadweep by cruise is October to May. December is the most popular and 10% rate hike in fares is common.

Some Important Guideline should be followed by the tourist are

  1. Plucking Corals are punishable.
  2. Drugs are prohibited
  3. Avoid Plastic bags or bottle to throw anywhere
  4. Don’s pluck Coconuts
  5. Avoid cross Lagoon without escort
  6. Only BSNL connection could be used in islands
  7. Before go anywhere out of the island confirm your Do’s and Don’ts for precaution

The Lakshadweep Cruise Vacation is definitely rewarding and mind blowing experiences of golden moments that spent in this magnificent ocean world, will cherish you long with your love ones.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Ques 1. What is the best Cruise to travel in Lakshadweep ?

Ans 1. Cordellia Luxury Cruise is the best way to explore in Lakshadweep Cruise Vacation.

Ques 2. Is Lakshadweep Expensive ?

Ans 2. Lakshadweep Cruise Vacation will cost 50k to 60k per head including air fare for 4 to 5 days, which is much reasonable than any other places in the world at it’s class.

Ques 3. How long does Kochi to Lakshadweep will take ?

Ans 3. Kochi to Lakshadweep will take 14 to 20 hours with MV Lakshadweep sea and MV Arabian Sea cruise ship.

Ques 4. Is passport required for visit in Lakshadweep ?

Ans 4. Indians not required to have passport but foreigners must have a valid passport for visiting Lakshadweep.

Ques 5. Is Lakshadweep Alcohol free ?

Ans 5. Lakshadweep is not fully Alcohol free, only permitted areas can sold Alcohol. Kavaratti and Bangaram has some places where sold Alcohol for tourists.

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