Bengal Heritage

Kalikapur Rajbari

Kalikapur Rajbari — The Forgotten History Of 400 Years

Jaita Dey

Our destination is Kalikapur Rajbari (Palace) which is a piece of Bengal Heritage was built near about 400yrs ago, now almost the structure of the palace, silently describe the charming history of the past.

Raja Subodh Mallick Palace

Raja Subodh Mallick Palace — The Ruined Memory Of 140 Years old History

Jaita Dey

Situated on the road named Raja Subodh Mallick Square, in Kolkata. Raja Subodh Mallick Palace Is a Renowned historical place where Famous people like Rabindra Nath Tagore, Rishi Aurobindo Ghosh and other freedom Fighters visited several times.