The Queen Of Thar Jaisalmer Is An Antique Treasure On Earth

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The queen of Thar Jaisalmer is most vibrant city in Rajasthan. Due to it’s yellow sand stone made structures the city got a golden aura that is exclusively stunning. The city is famous for business hub on ancient time when it connected through the region of Egypt, Africa, Persia and India that provided a unique connectivity through the desert.

The importance of geographic location India had an advantage to collect taxes from those countries who passes through the Jaisalmer for trade with Camel route. But after the route had closed due to the border of India-Pakistan were closed.

The Golden City Jaisalmer has a vibrant history of Rajput rulers. The city has established by the Bhati Rajput ruler, Raja Rawal Jaiswal in 1156 AD. He changed his capital from Lodhruva to Jaisalmer for a safer capital and the Golden City then became an important site for trade.

The Heritage And Cultures Of Jaisalmer

Heritage of the places is truly flourish through it’s culture and Jaisalmer is perfectly the example of such truth. The vibrancy of the culture of the city reflects through it’s various festivals and folk cultures. The Famous festivals are Jaisalmer Desert Festival. Gangaur Festival and Ramdevra Fair.

The Jaisalmer Festival is most popular and it held on month of February at Sam Sand dunes. Three days festival organized by Rajasthan Tourism and celebrated with full enthusiast of cultural programs like dance, folk songs and other cultural drama and rituals. Dances like Ghumar and Kalbelia takes the main attractions in the fair.

One of the main high light of the fair is Camel race that is also the signature event of the fair. The folks also showcase their village cultures like puppet shows, turban tying competition, Fair and Gair dance to entertain visitors. The Gangaur festival organized in Spring, dedicated to Goddess Gauri and Lord Shiva and their marriage. It is harvest festival continue to 18 days and performs by women.

Ramdevra Fair held at Ramdevra Temple during the month of August and September, which is dedicated to Baba Ramdevji. Handicrafts is one of the famous in Jaisalmer which is most demanding among foreigners also. The Leather craft of handbags, Satchels and Mojaris which are hand stitched and embroidered in Jaisameri style.

The tie and dye work of Bandhej and traditional Batik print Sarees, Kurtas, Dupattas also on high demand. Another hand craft work of Carpets making with pure wool and traditional motif work is their signature product globally.

To understand the history, heritage and culture of Jaisalmer tourist can visit the Desert Cultural Center and Museum to touch the soul of the people of Golden City. The regional arts crafts and historical antiques are displayed here since 1997 the Museum was inaugurated.

Majestic Thar Desert To Must Visit In Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is told to be queen of Thar desert. Apart from other attractions exploring the Thar Desert is one of the must do thing for the tourist. There is some thing new and unique to exploring desert on various way which is offered by the city tourism. The Desert Safari is as colorful as Golden City and do not forget to include this glorious opportunity in your travel itinerary.

Tourist can enjoy and explore desert by luxury camping on the desert, Camel ride, Parasailing and Para motoring and also Jeep safari. The famous Sam Sand Dune is the hub of such thrilling experiences. Spending a day and night in a luxury Tent with Cultural folk dance and music with mouthwatering treat of Rajasthan in the middle of Thar quite unbelievable experiences that would cherish for long.

Other than that travel into the sea of sand on a Camel’s back watching sunset in the evening is also memorable journey for life time. Over all with out exploring the majestic Thar desert, leaving the Golden City is a life time loss of some thing can not be gain any where else.

Other Popular Tourist Attraction In Jaisalmer

The Golden City Jaisalmer Offers the perfect blend of nature, architecture, hospitality and adventure. The major tourist attraction of the city is Jaisalmer Fort or Golden Fort. Located in Thar Desert on a hilltop called Trikuta Hills, made by Raja Rawal Jaiswal in 1156 AD who is also founder of the city. The Golden Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and among largest fort in the world.

The majestic fort is 250ft tall and surrounded by 30ft high walls. The fort is a masterpiece of architecture and fusion of Islamic and Rajput gharana style. The fort constitute 99 Bastions which 92 are made between 1633 and 1647. The entrance of 4 gates are Ganesh Pol, Akshya Pol, Suraj Pol and Hawa Pol, those are witnessed of many battles.

The Main attraction inside the fort are Raj Mahal, Jain Temple and the Laxmi Nath Temple. The Golden fort is one of the living monument in the world and boast fourth of the population in the city. The most popular attraction of the fort is sunset from top of the fort.

The sunrays of setting sun spreading a golden galore covering the city and also the fort, that heavenly aura is a picturesque moment for tourists as well as photographer also. The fort also famously known as ‘Sonar Kila’ for its yellow sand stone structure. It looks perfectly golden when sun rises in the morning.

Frequently asked Questions And Answers

Ques 1. What is Jaisalmer famous for ?

Ans 1. Jaisalmer is famous for Golden Fort or Sonar Kila and Thar desert. It is most attractive options for tourists to enjoy Camel Safari to explore Thar desert on fabulous way.

Ques 2. Which month is best for visit Jaisalmer ?

Ans 2. In the month of winter is the best to avoid hot and October to March is consider to be the best for visiting the Golden City.

Ques 3. What is the coldest month in Jaisalmer ?

Ans 3. January is the coldest month and temp. varied between 24 degree and 8 degree centigrade.

Ques 4. What is the best time to visit Sam Jaisalmer ?

Ans 4. October to March is the best for visiting Jaisalmer and February is the most happening for Sam Sun Dune Festival of 3 days. To enjoy Sam Jaisalmer February is the best month.

Ques 5. Which is the best month to visit Thar desert ?

Ans 5. The Thar desert is best to visit in winter and November to February could be the best time to visit Thar desert and safari.

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