Top 10 Best Places To Visit In Gangtok

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Places To Visit In Gangtok

Gangtok the capital of Sikkim counted among the best holiday destination in India. The best places to visit in Gangtok from holiday to spiritual and adventure activities every thing you can get in the city. This awesome city leave tourist with mesmerizing memory of natural phantasy amid spiritual rhythm.

The adventure seeker also indulge their adrenalin rush with plethora of adventure activities in the city. Sikkim is renowned trekkers paradise and some popular treks also organized in Gangtok. The famous treks from the city is Dzongri Trek, Varsey Trek and Tholung Trek which is also the best places to visit in Gangtok.

Top Tourist Places To Visit In Gangtok

Gangtok fairly known for Buddhist pilgrimage site earlier. But It is the most visited city as tourist destination since some years back for it’s breath taking natural scenery, Kanchenjunga and spiritual significance also.

If you are planning to holiday in Gangtok you need atleast 6 to 7 days to cover the all places to visit in Gangtok.

One of the most popular tourist place in Gangtopk. Located at the height of 7200ft, offering a clear view of Kanchenjunga range. All around the year the place all time full by the rush because of tourist love the place for it’s serene ambience of decades old Hanuman temple with the bird’s eye spectacular view of the city from top in the lap of maountain, valleys of lush greenery.

This is to be believed that hanuman has taken a rest for a while, on the way to bring Sanjeevani from Himalaya to Lanka.

How to reach

Hanuman temple is just 11km from Gangtok and tourist can take a taxi to reach there from market.

Best Time To visit

The best time to visit the place is consider to be March To June.

Located at the height of 6500ft with beautiful Ganesh temple which is popular for the spectacular view of Kanchenjunga an the Gangtok city from it’s lounge. The year old Ganesh temple also loved by traveler for it’s calm serene ambience.

How To Reach

Tourist can reach here easily by hire a taxi from the market. Distance from Gangtok is 8km.

Best Time To Visit

Any time around the year daily from 6.00am to 7.00pm.

3. Ranka Monastery Among Best Places To Visit In Gangtok

Envelop by thick forest in all side Ranka Monastery is a sight to behold. It is also a popular tourist places to visit in Gangtok for interacting Monks and watch their way of life. The calm quiet serenity of the place touch your inner feel to realize the deference of a Monk’s life style. Tourist can take pictures also with the Monks but you need to respect their way of life, tradition and rules. This Monastery follows the Zurmang Kagyu Lineage of Buddhism.

Places To Visit In Gangtok
Ranka Monastery

Tourists are recommended to Keep some couple of extra time to visit nearby Banjhakri Falls when visit Ranka Monastery which is also most popular places to visit in Gangtok.

How To Reach

The distance of Monastery is 20km from Gangtok and tourist can hire a taxi for side scene.

Best Time To Visit

Best time to visit from march to June.

Travel Tips

Tourist can try for Paragliding from nearby spot for an unforgettable experience.

4. Flower Exhibition Center Gangtok

A heaven for nature lover, full awing of exhibition around the year and huge variety of flowers also home to unknown plants, the spectacular places to visit in Gangtok. This one of the most popular place tourists love for the variety of flower show especially during annual flower show held from April tp May.

Places To Visit In Gangtok
M G Road Gangtok

Tourist can take pictures of different flowers with relaxing mood after hectic travel schedule. The place is within walking distance from MG Road in Gangtok.

5. Nathula Pass Among Best Places To Visit In Gangtok

Nathula Pass situated at the height of 14,140ft, also a part of old Silk Rout between India and Tibet in Indo-China Border and favorite hot spot for the tourist. Many tourist visit here for the scenic trek to the valley while gushing waterfall hiding on the way Gangtok to Nathula.

Places To Visit In Gangtok
Nathula Pass

The view of snow clad mountain also mesmerizing to the adventurous road of Nathula. The toll of tourist visit Nathula during Summer and Spring. Winter may not be the wise option for Nathula because of tremendous cold and the region covered with thick snow and roads normally closed.

Tourists need to collect the permit from nearby defense post or office. Only Indian tourists are allowed with permit in Nathula Pass. Distance from Gangtok is 56km.

6. Baba Mandir Is Among The Best Places To Visit In Gangtok

Baba Mandir which is situated at the height of 13,123ft, is among the most popular tourist places to visit in Gangtok.Baba Harbhajan Sing Temple also known as Baba Mandir just 9km from the way to Nathula Pass.

Places To Visit In Gangtok
Baba Mandir

Harbhajan Sing one of the Indian Shoulder was died on Indo-China War protecting the post against enemy. But he found dead after 3 days of his death and after death he still continued his duty which had experienced by his fellows who posted there. Government also agreed the fact and paid his remunerations even after death till his retirement with promotions.

It is said Baba Harbhajan Sing still guard that post to protect his fellows and his mother land from enemy. Those who passes the way to Nathula from here must tend to visit Baba Mandir to pay respect the Immortal Sepoy of India.

How To Reach

Distance from Gangtok is 53km and can be spotted on the way to Nathula Pass.

Best Time To Visit

Tourists allowed to visit in summer or Spring. Winter is closed for heavy snow fall.

7. Tsomgo Lake Among Best Tourist Places To Visit In Gangtok

Tsomgo Lake is consider to be sacred lake for Sikkimese, situated at the height of 12,400ft and 40km from Gangtok. It is the most beautiful lake at high altitude and change it’s color in different season. The lake surrounded by the high snow clad mountain peak and lake remain frozen through out the winter. it is a glacial lake originated from the melted water of glaciers.

Places To Visit In Gangtok
Tsomgo Lake

The Yak ride is one of the hot attraction in Tsomgo Lake. It is a rarest enjoyable experience which should be be achieved at any cost. Tourist can collect Poshmina Shawls from here which is hand worked by local ladies.

How To Reach

Tourist can hire share taxi from authorized tourism agent for nathula pass and other tourist places like Tsomgo Lake, Baba Mandir and Menmecho Lake also nearby.

Time To Visit

Tourist allowed to visit in summer and Spring. Winter is closed for heavy snow fall.

Tashi view point is famous for clear atmosphere, pollution free environment and picturesque view which is hot favorite to the tourists as well as picnickers. Surrounded by the high mountains Tashi view Point is spectacular View point of Kanchenjunga and Mt. Siniolchu. Tourist should opt for Morning and evening for mesmerizing spectacular view of sun rises and sun set.

How To Reach

The distance from Gangtok is only 7km.

Time To Visit

Best time to visit the point is March to June for pleasant atmosphere and clear view.

9. Namgyal Institute Of Tibetology Among Best Places To Visit In Gangtok

Namgyal Institute Of Tibetology is a must visit place to know about Buddhism and cultural history of Tibet. The Foundation stone had laid by 14th Dalai Lama. It is one of the largest collection of Tibetan documents like art work, objects, Manuscripts, mementos and Tibetan literature.

Distance from Gangtok is only 5km. Can be enter from 10.00am to 4.00pm except Sunday. Photography is not allowed to it’s premises.

10. Rumtek Monastery Among Best Places To Visit In Gangtok

The Rumtek Monastery is a great tourist point which is located on a hilltop in Gangtok is the largest Monastery in Sikkim. Once it is known as Dharma Chakra this glorious three storied building centered a splendid prayer hall with tangkhas, statues and stunning murals, the Golden stupa of 16th Karmapa and many other scriptures.

Rumtek Monastery is an evidence of Kargyu Sect of Buddhist and built in traditional Tibetan style. The Rumtek Monastery is also an evidence of fine architecture which stands amid glorious surrounded mountains and waterfalls. Do not forget to carry an identity card for checking.

How To Reach

The Distance from Gangtok is 35km and can be reached with share taxi from market stand.

Best time to visit

Around the year can be visited this place daily around 6.00am to 6.00pm.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Ques 1. What is the best month to visit Gangtok ?

Ans 1. The preferred time for visiting Gangtok is Summer and Spring, when pleasant weather ideal time for tour. March to May and October to December is much fair for places to visit in Gangtok.

Ques 2. In which month snow fall in Gangtok ?

Ans 2. Snow fall can be seen In January to February if condition is preferable.

Ques 3. Which month is best for visit Nathula Pass ?

Ans 3. Nathula Pass is best for visit in Summer and Spring. For huge snow fall Winter month is remain closed for tourist. March to October is the best for places to visit in Gangtok.

Ques 4. Which days Nathula is closed ?

Ans 4. Nathula is opened for tourist 5 days a week. As it is a border and protected area it is remain closed for visit Monday and Tuesday.

Ques 5. Is there Oxygen problem in Nathula ?

Ans 5. Nathula is high altitude area and due to this some people may face it because of Oxygen level is quite low in high altitude areas.

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