Top 9 Best Beaches To Visit In Kerala For Couples

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Beaches To Visit In Kerala

The fabulous tranquility and harmony that famous for Backwaters, Lofty mountain and plenty of beaches to visit in Kerala, always attracts couples for peaceful togetherness.

Surrounded by Western Ghat mountain range, covering 550 km long coastal line of Arabian sea, Kerala boast a plenty of beaches which truly described it as ‘God’s own Country’. Kerala is an all time favorite tourist destination for it’s charming natural beauty and famous for tea and coffee plantation.

Best Beaches To Visit In Kerala

Kerala blessed with plenty of natural beaches and each of them are unique for it’s own characteristic charm. You need to travel the beaches to soak all energy that provide in the tranquility of each places and also explore the best beaches to visit in Kerala according to your choice.

Here is some list of best of the bucket according to popularity and accessibility.

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1. Alappuzha Is Popular Among the Best Beaches To Visit In Kerala

Alappuzha beach in Alleppey is one of the most popular beach in Kerala and famous for backwater, boat races and beach holidays. Alleppey is know as ‘Venice of East’ and most picturesque place in Kerala. Alappuzha beach is the prime relaxing and cultural hub in Kerala.

Best Beaches To Visit In Kerala
House Boat on Backwater in Alleppey

it is an ideal beach for couples for enjoying plenty of fun with house boat, boating in backwater, local cuisine and many cultural event can be also enjoyed. Boat race, and snake boat race is famous event here. It is one of the golden stretched beach in India with iconic lighthouse.

Alleppey also boast of another 4 beaches are Marari Beach, Thumpoly Beach, Punnapra Beach, Thottapally Beach. The serenity of the coastal retreat also known for it’s quiet tranquil peaceful charm of golden sand with calm Arabian sea. Sun bathing, Swimming and local tasty sea food could be enjoyable for young couples.

Thottapally Beach is the unique blend of river and sea where fresh water meet with Arabian sea. nestled near the Thottapally spillway. The beach is uniquely characterized with black sand and spectacular natural beauty.

Things To Do In Alappuzha

Exploring backwater with boating, House boat, Cruise Tour, Village tour, Enjoy Boat race, explore Vijaya Beach Park, visit Lighthouse, Canoeing.

2. Varkala Beach Top Most Among The Best Beaches To Visit In Kerala

Varkala beach is also known as Papanasam beach, famous for it’s spectacular natural beauty among best beaches to visit in Kerala. The geological formation of cliff between rocks adjacent to the Arabian sea combines the heavenly coastal treasure.

The Varkala beach is paradise for swimmers and sun bathers for it’s calm and tranquil sea water. The beach is also famous for relaxation, yoga, meditation, sea foods and cultural events. Couples enjoy magnificent time and togetherness with in peaceful natural heaven.

Things To Do In Varkala Beach

Swimming, Sun Bath, Ayurvedic Treatment, Yoga, Sea Food, Cliffside shopping, Paragliding Nature walk.

3. Bekal Beach Is Popular Among The Best Beaches To Visit In Kerala

Bekal beach one of the pristine beautiful popular beach among the best beaches to visit in Kerala. Located in the northern part of Kerala, added attraction of Bekal Fort adjacent to the coastal range. The history of Bekal fort combines an harmonious blend of togetherness in the lap of natural beauty.

Things to do In Bekal Beach

Explore the Bekal Fort, water sport, Boating, swimming and sun bathing in the beach, taste local sea foods.

4. Cherai Beach Is Fabulous Among The Best Beaches To Visit In Kerala

Cherai beach is most popular among the best beaches to visit in Kerala. Located on the northern end of Vypeen Island of Kerala. The beach a perfect blend of sea and backwater which attracts tourists all over the world. Cherai beach is popular for it’s golden sand coconut groves, backwater, surrounded by lush green trees between tranquil Arabian sea with magnificent sunset makes it memorable for long.

Things To do In Cherai Beach

Water sports like Canoeing in Backwater, Boating, swimming, sun bathing, watching Dolphins, walking along the beach promenade, exploring breakwater point.

5. Kappad Beach Is Famous Among The Best beaches To Visit In Kerala

Kappad beach is significant historical beach among the best beaches to visit in kerala. Kappad or earlier Calicut is famous for Vasco D Gama first explored India and landed here in 1498. After that a significant rout for business started between India and Europe. It is marked as the beginning of new era of trade.

Other than that the Kappad beach is also serene, tranquil with golden sand traditional Keralan beach.

Things To Do In Kappad Beach

Swimming, Sun bathing, Visit Vasco D Gama Memorial and historical monuments, Taste local sea foods, water sports.

6. Kovalam Beach Is Star Among The Best Beaches To Visit In Kerala

Kovalam Beach is star beach among the best beaches to visit in Kerala. Kovalam is most popular beach in Kerala for three separated crescent shaped beaches. Those are Lighthouse beach, Hawah Beach and Samudra Beach. The three beaches are separated with rocks and combinedly served the paradise of relaxation between natural sublime of coconut groves, golden stretched sand with tranquil Arabian sea.

Things To Do In Kovalam Beach

Swimming, Sun Bathing, Exploring the view from top of the lighthouse, Ayurvedic Massage, Beach Volley ball, Shopping in Cliff side market, taste local sea foods.

7. Samudra Beach Is Fabulous Among The Best Beaches To Visit In Kerala

Samudra beach is northern most and popular local traditional among the best beaches to visit in Kerala. It is separated with the rocks from other two beaches in Kovalam and secluded. Local crowds love this place for peaceful traditional touch.

Samudra is more tranquil and beautiful authentic kovalam beach for couples who love to enjoy an isolated togetherness between nature.

Things To Do In Samudra Beach

Nothing but realize the quiet natural calmness, bird watching, sun bathing, exploring near by fishermen colony, yoga session, sun set, exploring natural beauty of rocky terrain.

8. Hawah Beach Is Fascinating Among The best Beaches To Visit In Kerala

Hawah beach in Kovalam is famous among the best beaches to visit in Kerala. It is famous as topless beach started by the European tourist. It is the second largest among three crescent beaches in Kovalam. Surrounded with coconut and palm groves with golden sand stretched beach allure tourist for peaceful relaxation.

Things To Do In Hawah Beach

Sun bathing, Swimming, Surfing, Yoga session, local sea foods, water sports, Enjoy sea shore and sunset.

9 Kollam Is Heaven Among The Best Beaches To Visit In Kerala

Kollam beach quite famous among the best beaches to visit in Kerala. It is also known as Mahatma Gandhi beach. Located on the heart of Kollam and oldest port in Malabar coast. The serene natural paradise of golden beach, light house with significance of rich history allure tourists from all over the world.

Kollam beach is also significant cultural hub and famous for local sea foods. Couples can enjoy it’s fabulous beauty of Arabian sea with spectacular sun set within peaceful togetherness.

Things To Do In Kollam Beach

Sun bath, cultural event, walking beach side promenade, visit light house, taste local foods.

India is known as ‘Princes Of Arabian Sea’ with spread of 15 km golden sand coastal belt. Kerala known as ‘Venice Of East’ with spectacular blend of sea and backwater with plenty of beaches of heavenly natural beauty makes the state truly ‘God’s own country’ that is loved by all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Ques 1. Which beach is best for couple ?

Ans 1. A small seaside of Karnataka, Gokarna beach is among best beaches for couples. It is also famous honeymoon place in India.

Ques 2. Why Varkala Beach is famous ?

Ans 2. Varkala beach is famous for it’s beautiful rocky terrain and natural springs which said to have medicinal power.

Ques 3. Which month is best to visit Kerala ?

Ans 3. To avoid hot weather in Kerala the best time to visit October to March.

Ques 4. Which is called Golden Beach ?

Ans 4. Located on the shore of Bay Of Bengal, Puri is known as Golden Beach in Odisha.

Ques 5. Which is the coldest place in Kerala ?

Ans 5. Munnar hill station is the coldest place and known as ‘King Of hills’ in Kerala.

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